Month: November 2017

Bitcoin Gold Wallet Scam

Another Bitcoin Gold Disaster: Scammer Cons Countless Users

While the crypto space is still premature and not totally secure, cautionary tales are crucial to raise user awareness. And, unfortunately, the Bitcoin Gold team’s given the community yet another cautionary tale this week, as some users lost all or...

/ November 22, 2017

Kraken Struggles to Meet New Demand, CEO Apologises

As more and more traders try to jump on the crypto bandwagon, exchanges are finding it increasingly hard to meet the increased demand. Just as an indication of the speed with which demand is growing, Coinbase disclosed that they were...

/ November 22, 2017
Bitcoin Cash Recovery Service

Bitcoin Cash Sent to BTC Address? The Bitcoin Cash Bandit Will Help… For a Price

There is a disturbing trend that seems to only be growing in scope and scale. In increasing numbers, users are sending Bitcoin Cash (BCH) to Bitcoin (BTC) wallets by mistake. In some cases, funds may be recoverable. However in most...

/ November 22, 2017 Wallet

The Controversial Wallet: Roger Ver’s BCH Maneuvering is unquestionably one of the most popular Bitcoin websites in the entire space right now. It’s also a website ran by Roger Ver, the firebrand OG Bitcoiner who’s swung his support behind Bitcoin Cash and has made no secret...

/ November 21, 2017
Overstock Launch Blockchain Thing

Overstock Set to Launch Blockchain’s Next Big Thing

While most new projects in the cryptocurrency space are merely great ideas that consist of very imaginative white papers, every now and again an established business attempts to join the burgeoning cryptocurrency sector. is a “brick and mortar” business...

/ November 21, 2017
Confido Exit Scam

Confido Price Crashes, Creators Delete Project’s Online Presence

It what’s looking more and more like the crypto community’s next high-profile catastrophe, the Confido (CFD) project has utterly imploded – and for now the verdict’s still out on whether this implosion was intentional or not. This devastating fall from...

/ November 20, 2017
NEO Climbs as Concerns Raised

NEO Climbs as Concerns Raised, many Claim FUD

This was a really strong weekend for NEO (Antshares). The “Chinese Ethereum” had some really strong performance over the weekend as the price rallied on news and speculation. As NEO was rising over the weekend, there was some criticism that...

/ November 20, 2017
Bitfinex Credibility Under Attack

Suffering From Withdrawals – Bitfinex Credibility Under Attack

According to cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex, they are currently under what they describe as a “co-ordinated attack”, that is an attempt to create a “market disrupting event”. Specifically, many are claiming that they are unable to withdraw anything from the exchange....

/ November 20, 2017
LedgerX LEAPS Option

LedgerX Option Predicts Bitcon Price at $10,000

LedgerX has just launched one of their first long term options contract which expires on December 28, 2018. This contract is being termed the Long-Term Equity Anticipation Security (LEAPS). Unlike futures contracts where the buyer / seller is obligated to...

/ November 19, 2017
4 Promising Altcoins You Should Check Out

4 Promising Altcoins You Should Check Out

You may not have heard of these altcoins yet, or if you have, it probably hasn’t been much. We don’t blame you. There are over 1,000 cryptocurrencies presently, and with so many operations going live seemingly every week, it can...

/ November 18, 2017