Month: December 2017

Bitfinex Suspends Trading of CST

Bitfinex to Suspend Trading in Chain Splits Tokens

Today, Bitfinex has announced that they would suspend the trading of all Bitcoin Chain Split Tokens (CSTs). Below is the tweet that made it clear: We will be suspending trading in all Chain Split Token (CSTs) at 23:30:00 UTC as...

/ December 31, 2017
Charlie Lee Litecoin Sale

Debate Continues in Litecoin Community over Charlie’s Sale

The decision by the founder of Litecoin, Charlie Lee, to sell all his remaining Litecoin has divided the community quite a bit. On the one hand, you have those who view Charlie Lee’s sale positively and a sign of transparency....

/ December 31, 2017
Bitcoin Trial in Singapore

Trial Underway in Singapore for Bitcoin Trade Error

There is a really interesting trial underway in Singapore at the moment. It centres around 3,092 Bitcoin and a really expensive trading error. The case in question was currently being heard by Judge Simon Thorley of the Singapore International Commercial...

/ December 30, 2017
Estonia issue Estcoins

Could Estonia be The First Country to Issue Cryptocurrency

When it comes to countries that are at the forefront of the digital age, Estonia often comes up as one of the most advanced. Not only have they tried to digitise all of their government services but they have also...

/ December 30, 2017
Best Monero Storage Options

Storing Monero (XMR): Looking at Options for Long-Term Hodlers

Privacy coins, especially Monero (XMR), have been going on a tear in 2017. Maybe you’ve picked some moneros up for yourself to go along for the ride. If so, you’ve surely already noticed how there aren’t exactly a ton of...

/ December 30, 2017
bounty0x Review

Relive the Wild West with Bounty0x, an Ethereum-Powered Bounty and Reward System

There’s a new sheriff in town, and that sheriff is Bounty0x. It’s an exciting new program that allows individuals or companies to post all sorts of bounties online in exchange for a token reward. The bounty could be almost anything,...

/ December 29, 2017
MIT IOTA Disclosure

MIT Says IOTA has “Gaping Holes”, Foundation Threatens to Sue

The MIT Digital Currency Initiative (DCI) is well known for disclosing a hashing vulnerability in IOTA earlier in August. This was disputed by the IOTA developers and the debate has continued since then. However, the MIT DCI has come out...

/ December 28, 2017
Tron TRX Review

Tron (TRX): the Cryptocurrency That Can Heal the Internet?

There’s no question that there’s some “shill fatigue” in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. It makes it so investors grow weary of looking into new projects because it feels like we’ve heard promises of “saving the world” from earlier teams a dozen...

/ December 28, 2017
CryptoCurrency Memes

Memes, Insults, and Crude Humor – Will They Doom Cryptocurrency?

Ethereum co-creator Vitalik Buterin released a shocking statement on Twitter earlier today. He declared that if things don’t change within the cryptocurrency community at large, he may very well exit and leave everyone behind. What made him so upset? In...

/ December 28, 2017
South Koreans Are Going Cryptocurrency Crazy

South Koreans Are Going Cryptocurrency Crazy

Much has been discussed about how cryptocurrency mania has taken over the mainstream population. There are stories of wide ranges of people suddenly investing in the markets. However, there is one country where this is particular substantial, South Korea. This...

/ December 28, 2017