Month: February 2021

1inch Review Cover

1inch Exchange Review: Leading DEX Aggregator

With decentralized finance so explosive over the past year it’s no wonder that there are so many DEXs and liquidity pools operating and popping up. Keeping track of them all, and which are offering the best trading conditions, can be...

/ February 27, 2021
Pancake Swap Review

PancakeSwap Review: Leading AMM on Binance Smart Chain

PancakeSwap is a fairly new decentralized exchange (DEX) that’s been created on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The automated market maker (AMM) offers users a number of innovative ways to create income streams from their cryptocurrencies. In the following review...

/ February 25, 2021
Best Crypto Instagram

Top 10 Best Crypto Instagrams to Follow

Getting to Grips with the Gram It’s easy to feel conflicted about Instagram. It seems somehow more relaxed than Twitter, less stuffed with angry, opinionated folks all arguing with each other. It’s a visual medium that encourages creativity, letting people...

/ February 25, 2021
VeChain Review

VeChain Review: Blockchain Supply Chain Management

VeChain is one of the foremost supply chain focused blockchain projects currently out there. They continue getting quite a bit of attention since their main-net launch from June 2018 This was the mainnet launch that saw them release their native...

/ February 20, 2021
Terra Review

Terra (LUNA) Review: Programmable Money Protocol

Price volatility in cryptocurrencies is well known by anyone involved in the markets and ecosystems that have been created by the invention of the blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Because of the set issuance schedules and speculative demand nearly all cryptocurrencies see...

/ February 19, 2021
Polkastarter Review

Polkastarter (POLS) Review: Cross Chain Dex Offerings

Polkastarter is a new decentralized exchange that was built on Polkadot and is meant to facilitate the interoperability between different blockchains. It also includes a decentralized finance protocol allowing companies to do fund raising through a cross-chain token pool. The...

/ February 19, 2021
Bitstarz Review

BitStarz Review: Complete Casino Overview

Bitstarz gained popularity with blockchain enthusiasts early in its existence. Established in 2014 it was the first online casino that accepted Bitcoin from players. That tech-savvy positioning gave it a huge boost among the Bitcoin community, and allowed BitStarz to...

/ February 18, 2021
10 Most Expensive Crypto

Top 10 Most Expensive Things Bought with Bitcoin

A few truths are self-evident. We want to see crypto become the payment method of choice across the world. We want it to replace those dirty fiat currencies that are rigged to serve the interests of governments, central banks and...

/ February 16, 2021
Mirror Protocol Review

Mirror Protocol Review: Synthetic Asset Issuance

One of the over-arching themes we find throughout the decentralized finance community is the desire to give access to financial tools and resources to those that have been underserved by traditional banking and finance institutions. The need for this has...

/ February 12, 2021
Oraichain Review

Oraichain Review: The AI Powered Oracle System

Blockchain technology and artificial intelligence are now being integrated into every industry and nearly every aspect of our economy. Both of these technologies are concerned with the usage and storage of data, which has become critical as data in the...

/ February 12, 2021