Month: April 2021

Injective Protocol Review

Injective Protocol Review: Next Gen Synthetic Dex

The Injective Protocol is a fully decentralized layer-2 exchange platform for trading derivatives. It offers users a fully decentralized order book and a trade execution coordinator to ensure no front-running occurs. In addition, the Injective Protocol leverages layer-2 blockchain technology...

/ April 27, 2021
KuCoin Review

Kucoin Exchange Review: Complete Beginners Guide

KuCoin is one of the largest and best known of the cryptocurrency exchanges, as it’s been serving its clients and providing excellent service since launching in August 2017. There’s little surprise that traders like the exchange as it offers access...

/ April 22, 2021
Crypto Estate Planning

Planning for the Inevitable: How to Leave Crypto in Your Will

A Few Home Truths There are some uncomfortable facts that anyone holding crypto needs to face up to. There’s the fact that, while on some days your portfolio balance may be up, up and up, on others it will be...

/ April 22, 2021

Audius Review: Connecting Fans Directly With Artists

The creation of music is a very personal thing, and yet in the 20th century the music industry made the creation and distribution of music an activity that required dozens of people, from audio engineers to producers to the agents....

/ April 20, 2021
Decentral Games Review

Decentral Games Review: Your Casino in The Metaverse

It was only a matter of time until blockchain technology found its way into gambling in a big way, and with the launch of Decentral Games in December 2020 it looks like that time is here. The founders of the...

/ April 20, 2021
MobileCoin Review

MobileCoin Review: The Signal Integrated Privacy Coin

Since its earliest days cryptography has been used to secure communications. It began with simple encoded messages, and has evolved to more complex digital interactions such as we see in various blockchain projects today. And of course along with the...

/ April 16, 2021
Best Personal Finance

Top 10 Best Personal Finance YouTubers

A Changing World The last year, with its attendant horrors and upheaval, has changed the way we live. However hard everyone prays for a return to normality, the reality is that life will not return to how it was before...

/ April 16, 2021
Ecomi OMI Review

ECOMI Review: Transforming the Digital Collectible Space

ECOMI is best known right now for its non-fungible token NFT marketplace, given that NFTs are so hot currently. However the ecosystem created by ECOMI is more than that, with the blockchain looking to eventually offer users an all-in-one digital...

/ April 14, 2021
Torum Review

Torum Review: Social Media Platform for the Crypto Space

Over the past several years we’ve seen a number of social media platforms built on blockchain technology. These platforms, like Steemit and Hive and Synereo, all advocate for data-privacy and free speech, which is great, but their features and messages...

/ April 10, 2021
Helium Review

Helium (HNT) Review: Hotspots Meet IoT Meets Blockchain

The blockchain has allowed for the decentralization of a number of things, and one that’s quite interesting is decentralizing wireless networks. It’s called the Helium Network, it’s growing fast, and it could be a way for you to mine cryptocurrency...

/ April 9, 2021