Month: May 2021

Safemoon Review

SafeMoon Review: Ponzi Scheme or Legitimate Project?

SafeMoon is one of the newest and fastest growing altcoins, even in the crazy cryptocurrency market that’s seen a good number of tokens increase in value by thousands or even tens of thousands of percent in 2021. Launched on March...

/ May 28, 2021
Chiliz Review

Chiliz (CHZ) Review: The Fan Token Ecosystem

With the recent craze in NFTs there are a number of previously underappreciated projects that have gained some prominence in the blockchain community. One of those is Chiliz, which is a project working on the tokenization of sports teams. Its...

/ May 28, 2021
Bancor Network Token Review

Bancor Network Token: Decentralised Cross-Chain Liquidity

While there are plenty of blockchain projects focused on dApps and the conversion of tokens, one that stands out is the Bancor Network and its BNT token. Indeed, this project is one of the most well known in the cryptocurrency...

/ May 23, 2021
Ethereum Classic Review

Ethereum Classic Review: The Original Ethereum Blockchain

Although Ethereum Classic is a well known Ethereum fork, there are a number of things that are making this project stand out in its own right. There are benefits to Etheruem Classic from being a fork. Given the similarities to...

/ May 23, 2021
BakerySwap Review

BakerySwap Review: DeFi AMM & NFT Marketplace

There are a growing number of decentralized exchanges following the automated market maker (AMM) protocol made so famous by Uniswap, and one of the more interesting out there is BakerySwap. This particular AMM doesn’t just support yield farming and swaps,...

/ May 20, 2021
Shibu Inu Review

Shiba Inu Review: Next Dogecoin or a Scam?

Given the massive move higher recently, followed by a just as impressive crash days later, it’s no wonder people might be wondering about the Shiba Inu coin. Sure it features the cute Shiba Inu Japanese dog breed, just like the...

/ May 17, 2021
Telcoin Review

Telcoin Review: Blockchain For The Telco Industry

Telcoin is a project that’s been in the works since 2017, but has only recently captured the attention of traders, with its TEL token now up more than 80,000% off is March 2020 lows! It’s based on the Ethereum blockchain...

/ May 14, 2021
ZenGo Review

ZenGo Wallet Review: Multi Crypto Wallet Solution

One of the pain points in cryptocurrencies is getting people to understand how to properly set up and use wallets. Now a lot of that pain is removed by the ZenGo wallet, which is the first keyless, non-custodial crypto wallet...

/ May 13, 2021

QuickSwap Review: Polygon’s Layer 2 DEX

QuickSwap is a new addition to the decentralized exchange (DEX) landscape, but with a difference that’s allowing it to stand out among its competitors. While it is based on Ethereum, it is built on the layer-2 infrastructure of the Polygon...

/ May 9, 2021
Linear Finance Review

Linear Finance Review: Cross Chain Synthetic Asset Trading

Linear Finance is a fairly new blockchain project that’s looking to improve on decentralized finance by fixing the problems of front-running liquidity, and expensive gas fees that plague the ecosystem. With Linear Finance’s derivative offerings users are able to avoid...

/ May 8, 2021