Month: June 2021

Unus Sed Leo Review

UNUS SED LEO Review: The Bitfinex Exchange Token

The UNUS SED LEO token is a utility token created for the iFinex platform, however unlike other similar tokens like the Binance Coin or the KuCoin Shares token it was created in response to a financial crisis for the Bitfinex...

/ June 11, 2021
Dfinity ICP Review

Internet Computer (ICP) Review: The Global Internet Computer

Dfinity bills itself as an “Internet Computer”, promising to deliver blockchain-based cloud computing that will form the basis of the next generation decentralized internet. The vision of the Dfinity team is the creation of apps, similar to what we have...

/ June 6, 2021
Mina Protocol Review

Mina Protocol Review: The Succinct Blockchain

Nearly all the existing blockchains are massive in size, and for good reason. Blockchains use a distributed ledger technology that requires that they record and store every event and transaction that occurs on the network. Naturally these transactions and events...

/ June 5, 2021
Livepeer Review

Livepeer Review: Decentralised Video Streaming Protocol

Video is now integral to how we share information and communicate globally. Data shows that nearly 80% of all internet users have a YouTube account, video streaming on the Twitch platform is growing by leaps and bounds, with more than...

/ June 3, 2021