Month: July 2021

Fractionalized NFT

Fractionalised NFTs – Making Non-Fungible Tokens Affordable

NFTs are reforming the crypto space in a truly unprecedented fashion and have come to firmly establish themselves within the ecosystem. This is because non-fungible tokens are able to forward intricate value preservation infrastructures and are effectively redesigning the concept...

/ July 31, 2021

Shrimpy Review: Automated Crypto Portfolio Management

Anyone who is involved in the cryptocurrency space knows well the HODL strategy. This is a long-term investing strategy where coins are bought and held for years to take advantage of the long-term upward momentum in cryptocurrencies. If you have...

/ July 31, 2021
Trading Crypto Related Equities

Trading Crypto-Related Equities: Complete Guide

Since the creation of cryptocurrencies, their returns have been amazing. If you entered before the last bull market or, even better, the one before that, then you will have made a ton of money. These huge returns from the crypto...

/ July 29, 2021
Guide to Starting Yield Farming

Getting Starting with Yield Farming: The ONLY Guide you Need

In 2009, Satoshi Nakamoto first introduced Bitcoin and blockchain to the world of FinTech and, ever since its inception, this intricate monetary architecture has come to utterly disrupt the process of wealth creation. In fact, throughout the last decade, blockchain...

/ July 28, 2021
Plan B

Plan B’s Stock-to-Flow Model on Bitcoin: Beginner’s Guide

Since 2008 when the Bitcoin white paper was released, a key question for all who have considered investing in it has been how to value Bitcoin. When valuing stocks, we analyse a company’s fundamentals with different metrics and formulas like...

/ July 26, 2021
Cross-chain Bridges

What Are Cross-Chain Bridges: And Their Importance for DeFi

Decentralised Finance (DeFi) has come to embody one of the most intriguing, versatile and exciting segments of the digital asset space. With its ecosystem growing at such an exponential rate, DeFi has firmly established itself as a natively disruptive technology...

/ July 26, 2021

Crypto Staking: The Dividends Of Blockchain

It is by now clear that the digital asset space and its diverse ecosystem of tokens are here to stay. However, apart from the on-going regulatory uncertainties, the constant banning of cryptocurrency in different geographical regions and the incessant FUD...

/ July 23, 2021

Cryptohopper Review: Complete Bot Overview

For those who want to start trading cryptocurrencies, but have little practical experience with trading, there’s a solution. Get started in the fast-paced trading world of cryptocurrencies with an automated cryptocurrency trading bot. But not just any crypto trading bot....

/ July 23, 2021

Chainlink Review: Smart Contract Solutions for any Blockchain

Chainlink has been getting quite a bit of attention lately. So much so that LINK has risen to a market cap of more than $6 billion. The initial catalyst for these gains was the launch of Chainlink on the Ethereum...

/ July 22, 2021

Solrise Finance: Decentralised Fund Management On Solana

The DeFi ecosystem has come such a long way since the beginning of 2020, bringing life to some very attractive alternatives to the products and services offered by traditional financial infrastructures. From lending and borrowing protocols to high APY staking...

/ July 20, 2021