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I'm a Finance student with tremendous interest in cryptocurrencies and digital assets in general. I'm Looking to provide you with quality content that is easy to understand and also provide a good view for those who are entering the crypto industry from our traditional financial markets.

Trading Crypto Related Equities

Trading Crypto-Related Equities: Complete Guide

Since the creation of cryptocurrencies, their returns have been amazing. If you entered before the last bull market or, even better, the one before that, then you will have made a ton of money. These huge returns from the crypto...

/ July 29, 2021
Plan B

Plan B’s Stock-to-Flow Model on Bitcoin: Beginner’s Guide

Since 2008 when the Bitcoin white paper was released, a key question for all who have considered investing in it has been how to value Bitcoin. When valuing stocks, we analyse a company’s fundamentals with different metrics and formulas like...

/ July 26, 2021
Wyckoff Method

How does the Wyckoff Method apply to Cryptocurrency Markets?

In the last few months, Bitcoin and all other cryptocurrencies have been more or less trading sideways with a few bigger drops and pops. Many who have tried to enter the market when there were signs of a possible uptrend...

/ July 13, 2021