Best US Exchange 🇺🇸

First $30 in Trading fees is FREE and 10% fee discount for life

How to get going

Are you wanting to start dabbling in crypto at a top US crypto exchange? Are you looking for a US exchange that doesn’t rip you off on fees? Well, FTX US is exploding in popularity. That’s down to its solid section of altcoins, access to an NFT marketplace and the option to get a crypto Visa card. If you want to enjoy the best way to buy crypto for US users, then give FTX US a try!

1. Sign Up To FTX US

Simply enter your email and create a super strong password.

2. Verify

Pass KYC by clicking the ‘complete verification’ button on the homepage and fill in the KYC form.

3. Deposit

Once logged into your account, hit the ‘wallet’ button on the top left of the homepage and click ‘deposit’ next to the currency you want to deposit. You’ll then see various deposit options. Pick the one you want and follow the instructions.