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  • Accointing: 40% OFF Top Crypto Tax Solution

    Tax seems to take more brains to calculate than to generate those profits in the first place.

    Sure, you can do your best to learn about all those complex tax rules and painstakingly calculate your tax bill manually. Or you can automate that complicated process and save yourself countless days by using a crypto tax tool like Accointing.

  • Koinly – Do Your Crypto Taxes In 20 Minutes!

    There are two certainties in life: death and taxes. Yes, you could pretend that those crypto trades didn’t happen. However, they are all there on the blockchain and I think it’s kind of stressful having to worry about those tax officers knocking at your door.

    But, preparing taxes is a pain and super time consuming. However, there is a way around all that and that would be using a crypto tax solution. You can use one of those and automate as much of the process as possible.

    Personally, I use Koinly for all that tax mumbo jumbo. It makes filling crypto taxes a breeze.

    ⚡Do your crypto taxes lightening fast