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  • Trezor – The Safest Crypto Wallet In The World!

    Let’s not sugar coat it, crypto is like the Wild West – full of bandits and hackers looking to steal your coins.

    The good news is that Trezor specializes in making devices for people like you and me to store our crypto safely. These hardware wallets store your private keys and do not expose them to the outside world. This defends against malicious attacks such as keyloggers and phishing scams.

    Right now, there is no safer way to store your crypto and that is why most serious investors store their coins on a Trezor hardware device. Sure, you can take your chances and use a free crypto wallet. However, if you want to treat your cryptocurrency like the million dollars it could be worth one day, then do yourself a favour and get a Trezor.

    Why Should You Get A Trezor?
  • Ngrave – 10% OFF The Coldest Hardware Wallet

    Sadly, crypto is full of rogues and thieves wanting to steal your crypto. That means that security is something that people with a hefty portfolio should prioritise.

    NGRAVE has created perhaps the coldest hardware wallet on the market. It is a 100% offline wallet that gives you the highest protection against online hackers. On top of that, it is one of the easiest-to-use wallets we’ve seen.

    The Coldest Hardware Wallet
  • Unstoppable Domains – Spend $250 & Get $125 In FREE Domains!*

    With any new emerging asset class, it is those that get in on the ground floor that stand to make the biggest gains. After all, imagine if you had the foresight to get into regular internet domains in the 1990s.

    You could have swooped in for a few dollars and scooped up domains like which later went on to sell for nearly $50 million. Now, that’s a serious return on investment. If you’re interested in checking out the crazy prices for publicly reported domain sales, then you can check out a list of the most expensive domains here!


    So, why the crazy prices? Well, the way I like to think about domains is that they are like online real estate and, let’s face it, an ever increasing amount of business is being done online. What that means is that if there is an entrepreneur or business that needs that domain you are holding, then they will pay through the nose to get it.

    Blockchain domains are the new kids on the block. They differ from regular domains in two key ways:

    1. No one apart from the domain owner can take them down.
    2. The domain readable crypto addresses with human readable ones. So, that means people can send me crypto to Coinbureau.crypto.

    Right now, on Unstoppable Domains you can get your hands on .crypto and .zil domains to flip for profit later. I honestly believe these to be some of the best blockchain assets out there and I cannot believe people are not talking about it. So the question is: Are you going to snooze on this new emerging asset class?

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