How to get going?

Buying and selling domains takes effort and time. So, if you want a more hands off opportunity, then you might be better off sticking to coins and tokens. However, if you want exposure to blockchain domains then you will need to create an UnstoppableDomains account. *Buy $250+ worth of domains and get a $125 FREE promo credit to buy even more domains issued within 72 hours after your inital purchase. Promo credits will expire 7 days after being credited – so use them or lose them!

1. Sign Up To Unstoppable Domains

Enter your email and password in the sign up form.

2. Find Those Hot Domains

Search for domains on the platform to see if they are available. To find valuable domains, you need to think about who would buy them and why. So, pick a niche, research it and see if those domains are still available. One of the domains I personally own is UKexchange.crypto. Naturally, I am thinking that a crypto exchange serving the UK market will want that one at some point.

3. Buying Your Domains

Once you have loaded up your shopping cart on Unstoppable Domains, you can pay using a regular bank card, Paypal, or using BTC, BCH, ETH, DAI, LTC or USDC.