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For those who follow the Coin Bureau YouTube Channel, you will no doubt have heard about Guy’s legendary crypto newsletter. This is FREE a once weekly email newsletter that Guy sends out every Sunday.

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In this newsletter, he covers some of the following topics:

  • His latest video to hit the tube
  • Latest market trends in the crypto markets
  • Weekly news that flew under your radar
  • Market analysis
  • Hot coin picks
  • Top newbie tips
  • Pipeline for upcoming videos
  • Best Crypto Deals out There
  • What's new at the Bureau

One of the primary reasons that people sign up to Guy's newsletter is to see exactly what coins he has in his portfolio and how this has changed over the week.

Guy believes in full transparency and it's essential that the viewers know exactly what he is holding. Of course, he also let's them know before the videos but the portfolio update gives them a completely granular view.

The most important thing to note about Guy's Weekly newsletter is that it is completely free. This is what separates it from most of the other mailing lists. It allows you guys to get that perfectly distilled crypto knowledge without having to fork over a small fortune.

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