As a sign of how crypto crazy Japan has become, there is a group of teenage girls that are called the “Virtual Currency Girls” which are helping to spread the word of cryptocurrencies.

There are 8 members in this group with each one representing a different cryptocurrency. There is currently a girl for each of the following coins popular in the Japanese market: Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Mona, Ripple, NEO, Cardano and Nem.

The girls are managed by the Japanese Cinderella academy and had previously promoted a separate group that was themed around signs in the Zodiac.

Japanese Idol Girls

Many may think of the notion of teenage girls promoting a cryptocurrency as quite bizarre. However, “Japanese Idols” are actually quite a popular concept in the country. It was originally started in the 1970s but has grown into a massive industry.

The idea is that young girls or boys with little to no experience in entertainment are scouted by the agencies and are then brought on as potential future stars. They are marketed as role models for society and are heralded for their general innocence.

Not only are they used to prompt particular initiatives but they will also perform in plays and TV commercials. Some may move onto other roles in the wider entertainment industry once they get older.

In the case of the virtual currency girls, their goal is to educate the public on the virtues of investing in digital currencies. According to the Cinderella Academy they want to

promote [through] entertainment that virtual currency is not a tool for speculation but a technology that creates a wonderful future

Crypto Crazy Country

Digital Currency Girls Team Members
All the Coins in the Digital Currency Girls

That Japan would be the first country to combine some local cultural phenomenon with cryptocurrencies is not surprising. At a time when other governments and banks are trying to put pressure on the industry, Japan stands out.

The country is one of the most welcoming countries to cryptocurrency investing, trading and banking. This has also led to an explosion in adoption as millions of Japanese traders have already invested in the markets.

As a sign just of how popular cryptocurrencies have become in Japan, one of largest internet companies, GMO has said that they will offer their employees the option of receiving their salaries in Bitcoin this year.

What is Next For Crypto Girls?

The Virtual Currency Girls are also cautious with their advice. They are concerned about the potential for fraud from ICOs and the risk that people do take investing in such speculative instruments. They wanted their followers to know

[Virtual Currency Girls] is a unit that carefully selects future currencies from a number of virtual currencies and spreads correct knowledge through entertainment

They are, however, putting their money where their mouth is, as fans can purchase tickets or merchandise from the group with a cryptocurrency of their choice.

Images via Cinderella Academy

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