Draghi Makes Comments on ECB

Draghi says that Regulating Bitcoin is not within Power of ECB

Mario Draghi, the president of the European Central Bank (ECB) stated that it is not up to the ECB to regulate cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. The statements were made at the Committee on Economic and Monetary affairs at the European...

/ September 27, 2017
What is Blockchain Technology

What is Blockchain Technology?

Originally the basis for recording transactions with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, the blockchain has evolved into something of much more significance in the 21st century. It has the potential to change fundamental principles of networking. In its simplest form, Blockchain...

/ September 26, 2017
ICO Regulation in Asia after China

How the ICO Regulatory Framework May Change in Asia

When China implemented a ban on Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) at the beginning of September, cryptocurrency markets across the globe took a heavy tumble. This prompted many to speculate that the game was very much up for these rogue new...

/ September 26, 2017
NEO CEO possible collaboration China Regulators

NEO is Rising on Comments by the Founder on Possible Collaboration

NEO seems to have been making quite a bit of headway over the past few days. This was on some news that the founder of NEO, Da Hongfei advised the Chinese government on a possible “collaboration”. The comments were made...

/ September 26, 2017
Digital Identities on the Blockchain

Digital Identities and the Blockchain

We exist in two formats. In today’s developed world there is our physical self and our digital self and each needs the other to survive. To some this may sound a little dystopian but it’s essentially a situation we have...

/ September 25, 2017
First atomic swaps on Litecoin

Great Week for Segwit as First on-chain Swap is Completed

Last week was indeed a great week for the SegWit technology and Segwit enabled coins. Litecoin, which moved to Segwit earlier this year managed to successfully exchange LTC for Decred, Vertcoin and Bitcoin through Atomic swaps. Recap: What are Atomic...

/ September 25, 2017
Barclays Joins CLS Consortium

Barclays Becomes a Member of the CLS Blockchain Consortium

Barclays has been the latest company that added its name to the CLS blockchain consortium. They are joining companies such as JPMorgan, Bank of China and Goldman Sachs. The CLS consortium aims to use open source technology such as the...

/ September 25, 2017
Rumors Amazon Bitcoin

Could Amazon be getting Ready to Offer Bitcoin Payments?

There are rumors circulating online that Amazon may be making moves to accept Bitcoin as a payment method in October. They initially surfaced on a report on squawker.org. Although this would indeed be greatly beneficial to Amazon, there has been...

/ September 24, 2017
Canada Regulators About to Approve ETF

Could Canada be First to List a Bitcoin ETF?

Ever since the beginning of the year when the application by the Winkelvoss twins for a Bitcoin ETF was rejected, many Bitcoin investors were wondering when another attempt would be made? Would the SEC warm to the idea of a...

/ September 24, 2017
viaBTC setting up business offshore

Via BTC will Open up a new Platform outside of China

ViaBTC was one of the exchanges that was forced to close down their operations in China as a result of the ban. They will officially cease all operations in the country on the 30th of September. According to the statement...

/ September 23, 2017