Casper POS protocol

What is the Ethereum Casper POS Protocol?

As Ethereum gets ready to release the Metropolis hard fork in the next few months, there is still a great deal of talk about Casper and the move to a Proof of Stake (POS) from a Proof of Work (POW)...

/ September 8, 2017
$257m ICO Record Filecoin

A New ICO Record with $257m Filecoin Funding

It seemed only a few weeks ago when we were talking about the historic ICO of Tezos which managed to pull in an unprecedented $232 million raise in July. This has now been overtaken by the Filecoin ICO which managed...

/ September 7, 2017
US Regulation Bitcoin Transactions

A Tax Break for Small Scale Bitcoin Transactions

If you are a small time Bitcoin investor in the USA, then you may be happy with the proposal that is being made by two members of the House of Representatives. They would like to create a tax exemption for...

/ September 7, 2017
Ledger Wallet Monero

Ledger Hardware Wallet Begins Monero Integration

The team behind the most popular Bitcoin hardware wallet, Ledger, have begun integration of the anonymous crypto currency, Monero. This was announced by the Ledger CTO in a Reddit post. All of the Ledger code base is open source as...

/ September 7, 2017
Robert Shiller Bitcoin Bubble

World Famous Nobel Laurate Labels Bitcoin a Bubble

Robert Shiller has created quite a name for himself as an Economist and professor. He specialises in asset bubbles and is best known for predicting the housing market crash long before it eventually burst. In an interview that he gave...

/ September 7, 2017
Ripple Expands into India

Ripple Expands into India

Ripple, the crypto currency that aims to change the way we send payments across the world, has just expanded into India. They have opened their first office in Mumbai. They have also hired their country manager in the region, Mr...

/ September 6, 2017
Canada ICO Regulation

Are ICOs Getting a Big Break in Canada?

It seems as if global regulators were taking aggressive steps against ICOs this week. On Monday we had the news that the Chinese authorities were banning ICOs for the general public. Then the day after there was word that South...

/ September 6, 2017

What is Bitcoin? A Simple Introduction

Bitcoin is a digital currency known as a crypto currency. It is unlike any money that you may have used before. You can send it to anyone on the network with relatively little fees and virtually no hindrance. It is...

/ September 6, 2017
Possible South Korean Regulatory Changes

Possible South Korean Regulatory Changes

It seems as if a number of regulators across the globe are getting involved in the crypto currency markets. They are actively trying to regulate a form of financing that they view as stepping on their toes. Just a day...

/ September 5, 2017

China Officially Bans ICOs: What you need to know

It has now become official, the Chinese government has decided to outlaw ICOs or Initial Coin Offerings. It was issued as a joint statement by 7 of the country’s regulators in which they detailed why they viewed the new funding...

/ September 4, 2017