Ripple XRP Price Explosion

Ripple (XRP): Exploding Up to $3, But What Gives?

The space was astonished days ago when Ripple (XRP) hit the $1 USD milestone. And we felt the same way when the cryptocurrency burst through $2. Now? At press time, the XRP price is hovering just under the astonishing $3...

/ January 3, 2018
Zclassic to Relaunch as Bitcoin Private

Zclassic to Relaunch as Bitcoin Private, Prices Explode almost 100-fold

Have you ever heard of Zclassic? Many people haven’t, but that’s about to change as Zclassic is suddenly taking off. Not only that, but Zclassic is apparently about to go under a major rebranding as “Bitcoin Private“. Prices for Zclassic...

/ January 3, 2018
Buying Goods on Amazon with

Using Bitcoin to Buy Products on Amazon with

Many Bitcoin users know that one of the holy-grails for Bitcoin adoption is the integration of Bitcoin payments into Amazon. Whenever there is a mere rumour of an Amazon Bitcoin integration, the markets rally. Sometimes, Bitcoin users try to interpret...

/ January 2, 2018
Bitcoin Futures in 2018

What to Expect from Bitcoin Futures in 2018

The CBOE announced last month that it would finally be launching futures trading for cryptocurrencies. The initiative makes the CBOE the first options exchange to provide investors with a new way to invest on, or wager against, the popular new...

/ January 2, 2018
Stratis Coin Review

Stratis (STRAT): With New All-Time Highs, Where’s It Go From Here?

After hitting an initial all-time high just under $12 in the summer of 2017, Stratis (STRAT) faded a bit into the background as a bear market in the early autumn made investors sour with many projects. But people are starting...

/ January 2, 2018
2017 Omiso Go Airdrop

Everything You Need To Know About Last Year’s OmiseGo Airdrop

Back in July, now popular Ethereum-based platform OmiseGo had a large scale airdrop, releasing five percent of all tokens out into the wild at no cost. Today, OmiseGo or OMG tokens are trading for up to $20 each at press...

/ January 2, 2018
Review of LocalBitcoinCash

A New Alternative for Traders on

Many users in the Cryptocurrency community are aware of centralised exchanges where they can buy and sell their coins directly on the platform. This relies on the centralised exchange to quote you the market rate and match your order with...

/ January 1, 2018
VergeFreakout What gives

The Verge (XVG) Community Is Freaking Out: What Gives?

Ever since Verge (XVG) hit an astonishing all-time price high of $0.25 USD on Christmas day 2017, things are starting to look shakier and shakier. And some in the cryptocurrency space are starting to spazz out accordingly. So what’s going...

/ January 1, 2018
Best Altcoin Investments of 2018

Emerging Trends: Five Currencies to Watch in 2018

When choosing which cryptocurrencies to invest in this year, it’s important to consider what will be the major trends and where will the industry be going from here. We’ve outlined a few of the trends that we see as having...

/ January 1, 2018
Bitfinex Suspends Trading of CST

Bitfinex to Suspend Trading in Chain Splits Tokens

Today, Bitfinex has announced that they would suspend the trading of all Bitcoin Chain Split Tokens (CSTs). Below is the tweet that made it clear: We will be suspending trading in all Chain Split Token (CSTs) at 23:30:00 UTC as...

/ December 31, 2017