Bitfinex Responds Criticism

Bitfinex and Tether Respond to Allegations

Bitfinex has suffered quite a bit of bad press recently. Firstly there was the hack of Tether where a hacker was able to extract up to $30m worth of the cryptocurrency. This of course ignited all of the same concerns...

/ December 1, 2017
Universities Offering Blockchain Courses

More Universities Offering Blockchain Courses

In the last few years and especially this year, an ever-growing number of colleges and universities are offering courses and perhaps even degrees in blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. What is driving the sudden boom in blockchain education, and what will...

/ December 1, 2017

New Bitfinex Flash Crashes Prove Devastating for Traders: What Happened?

Cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex has been catching hell lately in the press for, well … several reasons. The latest scandal occurred on Wednesday, November 29th, as numerous traders on the exchange had their market positions liquidated in a series of devastating...

/ November 30, 2017
Coinbase hands IRS Data

The IRS Strikes: Coinbase Under Siege For Customer Info

In 2016, the United States IRS demanded that Coinbase provide them with information about all of their U.S. based customers, including their purchase histories. Coinbase refused. This year, the IRS is back on the hunt. This time, they are only...

/ November 30, 2017

Nasdaq Joins the Bitcoin Train, Introduces Futures

As Bitcoin was breaking new records in the past 3 days, large financial exchanges are attempting to get in on the action. We have previously reported that the CME will be launching derivative futures in December. The effect of this...

/ November 30, 2017
Arrington XRP Hedge Fund

TechCrunch Founder Michael Arrington Starting XRP Hedge Fund

Institutional money is coming to the crypto space like never before in 2018. So thinks Michael Arrington, the founder of TechCrunch – a titanically popular tech-minded media site that’s been a star of the web in recent years. That’s why...

/ November 29, 2017
Iota cooperation with Microsoft Fujitsu

IOTA Price Explodes on Announcement of Cooperation with Microsoft and Fujitsu

IOTA, the innovative cryptocurrency that does not use a Blockchain, has announced a testing initiative to create a data market for the Internet of things. The partnership is also supported by large companies like Microsoft, Fujitsu, and 20 others. What...

/ November 29, 2017
Nigerian Central Bank Warns of Crypto

Nigerian Central Bank Warns of Cryptocurrency “Risks”. Ironic?

In a country that is synonymous with internet and mail scams, it is quite surprising to see that the Nigerian Deposit Insurance Corporation (NDIC) has warned its citizens about the danger of trading cryptocurrencies. Indeed it is also quite ironic...

/ November 29, 2017
Bitcoin Diamond Hard Fork

Inside Bitcoin Diamond: Just the Latest of the New Bitcoins

The attack of the hard forks is in full swing, as it seems some new forked version of Bitcoin is springing up every couple of days now. This week’s rendition? Bitcoin Diamond. There was Bitcoin Cash … then Bitcoin Gold...

/ November 28, 2017
Mt. Gox ICO

Mt. Gox ICO? Kerpeles Causes Outrage at Supposed Plan

In the world of Bitcoin, one of the most contentious figures is Mark Kerpeles. As the ex CEO of the Mt Gox Bitcoin exchange, Kerpeles oversaw one of the biggest hacks and exchange collapses in the short history of cryptocurrencies....

/ November 28, 2017