Bitcoin ETF Application Withdrawn

Two Potential BTC ETF Proposals Withdrawn: Blow for Bitcoin?

There have been many that were hoping that the recent launch of Bitcoin Futures by the CBOE and the CME may give rise the eventual adoption of a Bitcoin ETF (Exchnage Traded Fund). Indeed, even before the launch of any...

/ January 9, 2018
My Ether Wallet FUD Story

MyEtherWallet Not Compromised, But EthereumBLUE Alleges So

In perhaps the clearest bout of FUD (“fear, uncertainty, doubt”) the cryptoverse has seen in 2018, popular Ethereum wallet MyEtherWallet was just blindsided by competitor EthereumBLUE. The latter accused the former from becoming acutely compromised in a DNS attack, but...

/ January 9, 2018
Bitfury Tracking Transactions With Clustering

Bitfury Group Unveils Technology to Track Bitcoin Transactions

When you ask people about what they associate Bitcoin with, most will mention the fact that it is private. They believe that their transactions are secure and are mostly free from public scrutiny. However, many who know how blockchain technology...

/ January 8, 2018
Oyster Pearl Blockchain Project

Oyster Pearl (PRL): An Interesting Project, Or A Short-Term Play?

There have been two acute trends at play in the cryptoverse over the past few days: the unprecedented explosion in the price of ether (ETH), and the diversification of these newly-created profits into small market-cap altcoins. A rising winner from...

/ January 8, 2018
China to Ban Bitcoin Mining

China to Shutdown Bitcoin Mining – Rumours Seem True

There have been persistent rumours about whether China would ban Bitcoin mining. These started to swirl after the crackdown in the middle of last year on Bitcoin trading and ICOs in the country. Now it seems that the rumours may...

/ January 8, 2018
Decoding Crypto Dialects

The Language of Cryptocurrency – Decoding the Dialects of Crypto Fans

For those that are new to cryptocurrency, navigating all of the complex terms and jargon can seem overwhelming at first. The multitude of words both real and made up can almost seem like a completely different language, if not at...

/ January 8, 2018
Virtual Currency Girls Japan

Virtual Currency Girls in Japan Promoting Cryptocurrencies

As a sign of how crypto crazy Japan has become, there is a group of teenage girls that are called the “Virtual Currency Girls” which are helping to spread the word of cryptocurrencies. There are 8 members in this group...

/ January 8, 2018
Brazil Using Ethereum Voting Petition

How Brazil is Using the Ethereum Blockchain for Popular Petitions

In a sign of wider adoption by governments, it was reported that Brazil is turning to the power of the Ethereum blockchain to help record votes in the country’s popular referendums. These referendums are an important part of the Brazilian...

/ January 7, 2018
Kin Token Review 2018

Kin Token Prices Reach for Dizzying Heights in Major Bull Run

Kin tokens, launched by the ever-growing Canadian-based messenger service Kik, have seen a sharp rise in price in the last few days. Unlike some other projects, the price increase seems to be tied to both BTC and the US dollars....

/ January 7, 2018
NEO Token Review 2018

Why NEO is Much More than a “Chinese Ethereum”

Many people may have come accross NEO (Antshares) as they were doing their cryptocurrency research. Perhaps some own it as part of their cryptocurrency portfolio. Many just assume it is a “Chinese Ethereum” and invest based on that. Indeed, it...

/ January 7, 2018