CryptoShuffler Malware Trojan

Beware the CryptoShuffler, A Trojan that Will Steal Your Coins

Given that so many people are moving into cryptocurrencies and are using them to make payments, a new opportunity has opened up for cyber criminals. We have all heard of the high profile ransomware hacks that make a public statement...

/ November 4, 2017
Bitconnect Ponzi Scheme

BitConnect (BCC) – Inside The Concerns Surrounding The Cryptocoin

There are two distinct groups in the crypto community: those who sing the praises of BCC, and those who are unabashed in calling BCC and its associated lending platform an all-out Ponzi scheme that could come crashing down at any...

/ November 3, 2017
Ethereum Devcon Notice

A Check in on the Ethereum Roadmap at Devcon

The annual Ethereum developer conference kicked off on November 1, in Cancun, Mexico. The four-day Devcon3 event has gathered a host of Ethereum developers, investors, and enthusiasts while the featured speakers represent a who’s who of luminaries in the Ethereum...

/ November 3, 2017
Smart Contracts Fund Bounties Hydra

Using Smart Contracts to Fund Bug Bounties with Hydra

Ethereum Smart Contracts have been touted as one of the most interesting blockchain developments in the past few years. The Ethereum protocol allows developers to code smart contracts which run on the blockchain. However, irrespective of how many smart and...

/ November 3, 2017
Miners and SegWit2X Support

Where do Miners Stand on the SegWit2X Fork?

When it comes to power brokers in the Bitcoin industry, those that are crunching the numbers and producing the coins hold a lot of sway. Bitcoin miners are an interesting group of people. Some are evasive and tend to stay...

/ November 2, 2017
Amazon Crypto Domains

Amazon Angling For The Crypto Space? E-Commerce Giant Buys Up Crypto Domain Names

For some time now, the crypto community has been holding its breath over how corporate giants like Microsoft and Intel will make use of cryptocurrencies. To this effect, perhaps no company’s actions have been speculated on as much in the...

/ November 2, 2017
British MPs Don't Know Money

British MPs Don’t Know Where Money Comes From

It seems as if politicians are sometimes the most outspoken critics of cryptocurrencies. They are quick to label them as nefarious or money for “drug dealing”. One would then think from their accusations that they don’t know much about the...

/ November 2, 2017 Laundering Case

Pastor Gets Sentenced To Prison In Connection To Laundering Case

Truth is stranger than fiction, they say. And New Jersey pastor Trevón Gross’s bizarre journey from preaching on the Trinity Broadcast Network to his recently determined stint in U.S. federal prison is a prime example. Today, Gross was officially sentenced...

/ November 1, 2017
CME Announces Bitcoin

Pending Review, CME Announces Possible Bitcoin Futures Launch

It was indeed an historic day for Bitcoin yesterday. Not only was it the 8th Birthday of Satoshi’s original Bitcoin whitepaper, but it was also the day that the CME announced it was planning to launch Bitcoin futures. This was...

/ November 1, 2017
Controversial Bitcoin Legislation

S.1241 Bill Bad News For U.S. Crypto Users? Inside The Controversial Legislation

Have you ever heard of the U.S. Senate’s Combating Money Laundering, Terrorist Financing, and Counterfeiting Act of 2017? Don’t fault yourself if you haven’t; not many have. But some crypto users are sounding the alarm over the bill right now,...

/ October 31, 2017