Claim Your Bitcoin Gold

Scams Abound – The Right Way to Claim Your Bitcoin Gold

Since Bitcoin Gold launched, there has been a lot of confusion about how to claim the newly forked currency. Scammers are also having a field day as phishing sites and fraudulent claims flood the internet and appear on search engines....

/ November 18, 2017
An Interesting Time for LTC Holders

Current Status of Litecoin: An Interesting Time for LTC Holders

Amidst the raging Bitcoin scaling debates, it’s certainly an interesting time to be a Litecoin holder. While Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash duke it out like never before, Litecoin offers numerous advantages that could make the current fifth cryptocurrency by market...

/ November 17, 2017
CryptoCurrency us on Darknet Markets

Status of CryptoCurrency use on the Darknet Markets

The online drug and weapons bazaars commonly known as the “dark net markets” (DNM) have had a tough time of late. This year saw law enforcement agencies effectively shutting down some of the biggest sites on the market including Alphabay...

/ November 17, 2017
Bitcoin Cash Dump Bitmex

BitMex Offers Bitcoin Cash Futures, Massive Sell-Off to Follow?

Bitcoin Mercantile Exchange or BitMEX has just announced that they will be offering a new futures product based on the oft-maligned Bitcoin Cash. Beginning now and with an expiry date of the 24th of November, the futures contract will allow...

/ November 17, 2017
China Bitcoin Mining Crackdown

China’s Bitcoin Miners Prepare for Exit after Crackdown Rumours

Members of China’s active cryptocurrency community continue to have their work cut out as the nation’s regulators crack down on all cryptocurrency related activities. In September, Chinese regulators closed in on firms and individuals raising funds via token sales. The...

/ November 16, 2017
Amex Joins Ripplenet

Big Day for Ripple as Amex Joins RippleNET

Ripple just released an announcement that American Express has now joined RippleNET. Amex will be joining the ranks of many others that have done so including Credit Agricole, Caullix and Airwallex. RippleNET is Ripple’s blockchain network which allows for real...

/ November 16, 2017
Parity Wallet Freeze Post Mortem

Parity issues a Post Mortem on the Kill that Froze Millions

On the 6th of November, the Ethereum community was shaken yet again by disclosure that the Parity multisig wallet was hacked. A user was able to take over control of a number of wallets and once done, accidentally “killed” the...

/ November 16, 2017
Mt Gox Redux

Mt Gox Redux: The Controversy Continues

Mt Gox – Just the name alone can induce waves of nausea and disgust in the minds of those involved in the bitcoin scene circa 2014. Not named after a mountain, but instead an acronym for “Magic the Gathering Online...

/ November 16, 2017
Bad Bitcoin Predictions

Bitcoin’s Resilience: A Brief Look Naysayers Who Gave Up on BTC to Soon

At press time, 99Bitcoins’ infamous “Bitcoin Obituary” has no less than 186 Bitcoin obituaries. These are light-hearted and sarcastic obituaries, of course, only referring to incidents in which high-profile pundits claimed Bitcoin had died. The tongue-in-cheek joke is that these...

/ November 15, 2017
Bitcoin Block Size Increase

Bitcoin Block Size Increase a Medium Term Possibility

According to one of the most well-known people in the Bitcoin community, the block size increase could be seen as some sort of a medium term solution provided there was enough testing. Adam Back is the CEO of Blockstream and...

/ November 15, 2017