Canada Regulators About to Approve ETF

Could Canada be First to List a Bitcoin ETF?

Ever since the beginning of the year when the application by the Winkelvoss twins for a Bitcoin ETF was rejected, many Bitcoin investors were wondering when another attempt would be made? Would the SEC warm to the idea of a...

/ September 24, 2017
viaBTC setting up business offshore

Via BTC will Open up a new Platform outside of China

ViaBTC was one of the exchanges that was forced to close down their operations in China as a result of the ban. They will officially cease all operations in the country on the 30th of September. According to the statement...

/ September 23, 2017
Jamie Dimon Statements on Bitcoin

Jamie Dimon Back to criticising Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency

Jamie Dimon is taking shots at Bitcoin yet again. From saying that Bitcoin is nothing but a fraud, to buying Bitcoin on the dips created by the Crash, Dimon is creating quite infamous in the Bitcoin community. The likes of...

/ September 23, 2017
BlockChain and Healthcare

How Blockchain Technology Can Revolutionise the Healthcare Sector

Healthcare is no doubt an important issue. Let us take a look at some important statistics. The UK is predicted to spend £147 billion on healthcare in 2018, equating to roughly 18% of GDP. If this seems a staggering figure...

/ September 22, 2017
China Bitcoin Ban Helps Japan

Bitcoin Traders are Moving from China to Japan

News of the Chinese crackdown on local exchanges has gone from mere Fear Uncertainty and Destruction (FUD) to a confirmed fact. This caused a large scale panic in the market as the price of all coins fell on the decision....

/ September 22, 2017
Jamie Dimon Market Abuse Claim

Jamie Dimon Market Abuse Claims Filed

In case you may have missed it, last week Jamie Dimon, the CEO of JP Morgan made very disparaging comments about Bitcoin. He likened it to a “fraud” and a “bubble” that many people would lose money on. No sooner...

/ September 22, 2017
Gambling in the Age of Cryptocurrencies

Gambling in the Age of Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain

A slew of headlines have recently cast light upon the underhand and downright dishonest practices of online betting sites. Nobody will have felt particularly sorry for the top brass at when the company was fined a record £7.8 million...

/ September 21, 2017
Ethereum Verifies first ZK-snark

Byzantium Ethereum Upgrade verifies first ZK-Snark Proof

The eager wait for the first Ethereum upgrade is now over. As we previously reported, the Byzantium stage of the upgrade is now running on the test net and it has just verified its first ZK-Snark proof. For those who...

/ September 21, 2017
EU Increasing Penalties Cryptocurrncies

The EU is Increasing Penalties for Cryptocurrency Crimes

The EU is trying to take an active stance against cyber crime that is monetised via cryptocurrencies. In a press release yesterday, the European Commission gave an overview of their intention to introduce new laws that would be focused on...

/ September 21, 2017
Buying Property with Bitcoin

Buying Property and Paying Rent in Bitcoin: Signs of Mass Adoption

As Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies surge in popularity, it is inevitable that they are going to permeate ever deeper into our everyday lives. In the beginning, Bitcoin was most closely associated with the dark web and many have dismissed it...

/ September 20, 2017