IMF Could issue IMFCoin

Could IMF Eventually Issue an IMF Coin?

In the global financial market, no entity is quite as powerful and instrumental as the International Monetary Fund. They are responsible for the finances of countries all around the world and are sometimes vilified for it. However, the global supranational...

/ October 8, 2017
SegWit2X 95% Miner Support

Miner Support for SegWit2X Slowly approaches 95%

With the SegWit2X fork around the corner, many people in the Bitcoin community are keeping a close eye on the current level of miner support as guidance. At 93.9%, this is precariously close to the 95% threshold that is required...

/ October 7, 2017
Bitcoin over $6,000

Bitcoin Price to hit $6,358 in Early 2018 According to Model

Fractal Brownian motion is one of the most well-known theories in the world of physics. It has also been used to great effect to model asset prices by the quants on Wall Street. However, today it is being used to...

/ October 7, 2017
Airlines Using Blockchain

How Airlines Could Utilise the Power of Blockchain Technology

It’s been a turbulent last few weeks for the airline industry, with Ryanair being forced to cancel hundreds of flights following an administrative blunder, followed by the recent collapse of Monarch, which left thousands of passengers stranded or out of...

/ October 6, 2017
Cash is still King over Bitcoin

New Survey Finds People Still prefer Cash to Bitcion

For many of the cryptocurrency enthusiasts, the idea that Bitcoin could eventually replace Fiat money is all too appealing. Bitcoin “hodlers” are of the view that the Fiat money system is unreliable and cryptocurrency is our route to salvation. While...

/ October 6, 2017
Malaysia Central Bank Ban

Malaysian Central Bank to Decide on Digital Currency Regulation

Bank Negera Malaysia, the central bank of Malaysia will be deciding on how to regulate digital currencies in the country. There is also a possible ban on the cards according to one local news source. Although this may be a...

/ October 6, 2017
Bitcoin Hardfork November

Quick check in on Proposed November Bitcoin Hard Fork

Bitcoin’s runaway success (and doubtless its runaway price) has surprised even those who first developed it. With the 1MB limit on each individual segment in the Bitcoin blockchain close to being reached, SegWit (Segregated Witness) was deployed to speed up...

/ October 5, 2017
Track Bitcoin Related Crime

How the Authorities Track Bitcoin Related Crime

One of the many arguments that is used against Bitcoin is that it is the realm of “criminals”. There are claims that the relatively anonymous nature of the cryptocurrency makes it a haven for these types of people. Of course,...

/ October 5, 2017
Japan Wild Game Blockchain

Wild Game Tracking on NEM-Blockchain in Japan

Japan is indeed a country that is quite forward thinking when it comes to blockchain technology. This is further advanced with the suggestion that the government will be introducing an blockchain solution that will allow consumers to track the supply...

/ October 5, 2017
Blockchain and The Sharing Economy

How Blockchain Technology Can Power the Sharing Economy

Try suggesting to your next Uber driver that they’re part of the so-called ‘sharing economy’ and it’s quite likely that they’ll laugh in your face. This is assuming of course that they have much cause for laughter in the first...

/ October 4, 2017