Bexplus Tips to Profit from the Year-Plus Long BTC Bear Market

Last updated: Mar 30, 2023
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Since December 2017, Bitcoin is being in a downtrend. Though it is currently trying to break the bear market, it didn’t recover and keep hovering at around $4,000. Some experts have predicted that BTC may stabilize at the $4,000 resistance level in the short-term, but the bear market may not be going to end soon.

When will BTC get to its all-time high of $20,000 is unknown, but one thing certain is that it will take a lot of long-term effort. Some investors lost most money and turned their backs to the BTC market, while others can make money in even the BTC bearish market. Let’s see how.

Bear Market bexplus
Profit from BTC Bear Market with Bexplus 100x Leverage BTC Futures

If you traded BTC spot trades, the only way that you can earn money is to buy BTC at lower price and sell at higher price. However, BTC price trend has been in downward overall for a year-plus long. It’s not difficult to find that BTC spot trades is not a profitable trading product. Instead, BTC futures trading supports investors to buy up (predicting price rising) or sell down (predicting price falling).

In other words, you may have chance to make money when both BTC price up or down if you bet on the correct direction. With 100x leverage, you can invest in 1 Bitcoin to open a 100 BTC position. When BTC rises or falls 1%, you will get 100% profits.

Bexplus Website

Bexplus exchange is a highly recommended cryptocurrency futures exchange, which provides BTC, ETH and LTC perpetual contracts with 100x leverage. It’s a Hong Kong-based futures exchange established in late 2017, and now covers 26+ countries and supports 13+ languages worldwide.

Bexplus is also popular among beginners. It offers users trading simulator with 10 FREE BTC to help them get familiar with BTC futures trading. And it’s trading interface is much more user-friendly and easy-to-use than that in Bitmex. So how to earn money by trading in Bexplus:

Assuming BTC will go up to $4,000 and you open a 100 BTC position at the price of $3,990 with 1 BTC. When BTC did hit $4,000, You will earn 100 BTC *($4000-$3990)/$3990 = 0.25 BTC

Assuming BTC will go down to $3,990 and you open a 100 BTC position at the price of $4,000 with 1 BTC. When BTC did reach $3,990, You will also earn 100 BTC *($4000-$3990)/$4000 = 0.25 BTC

Bexplus Platform
Earn BTC without Trading by Joining Bexplus Latest Activities

If you are not familiar with BTC futures trading and want to earn BTC without trading futures contracts, here are some activities to win BTC that you can participate in:

Bexplus send a great numbers of BTC to users as deposit bonus. Now deposit Bitcoin in your Bexplus, you will get 100% free BTC bonus according to your deposit amount. If you deposit 10 BTC, you will have 20 BTC credited in your account!

Bexplus Promo

Earn up to 72% annualized interest with in Bexplus saving account program. Balance, including the float profit that you earned in futures trading in the saving account will be calculated interest. And the annualized interest rate will be up to 72%.

Bexplus Wallet Upgrade

Invite friends to register and trade in Bexplus, you can earn 10%-50% of your invitees’ each deposit instantly. It will be counted with BTC and directly credited in your account. If your invitees deposit 10 BTC, you may have chance to earn 5 Free BTC as rewards.

Bexplus Referral

Now to trade BTC futures contracts with up to 100x leverage or join the win free BTC rewards in Bexplus, you can earn BTC even during the bear market. Come and join Bexplus and profit from the BTC bear market!

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