DAFEX Artificial Intelligence Technology in Digital Wealth Management

Last updated: Mar 30, 2023
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AI Generated Summary

Many industries are undergoing transformation due to the application of the technology of artificial intelligence. Such as the invention of robots, smart vehicles, AI medical facilities, verbal recognition apps and facial recognition devices …etc.

Let us take the finance industry as the first example, according to a financial advisory agency Opimas, 10% of Wall Street's investment banking positions will be replaced by artificial intelligence by 2025. That is about 230,000 people being replaced by robots. Asset management, securities services, sales and trading, wealth management and other related departments are those will be cutting down budgets on human resource.

Moreover, the statistic shows the total value of artificial intelligence will reach 127 billion US dollars, by 2025, of which the medical industry will take about 1/5. There is no doubt that even the medical field is facing a major change caused by Artificial intelligence. AI medical care is important and inevitable.

The technology of artificial intelligence is impacting the automotive industry as well. Many car companies have begun the development of AI techniques in modern vehicles in 2018. Professionals believe that the trend of cars we drive every day will become more "intelligent" by integrating with 5G communication and the technology of artificial intelligence, such as the virtual sensors, AI control system and many other in-vehicle AI applications.

As we can see, artificial intelligence is making a huge influence around the world. However, what does this mean to our global investors?
“This is the announcement of the beginning of the revolution in Digital Wealth!”

Artifical Intelligence DAFEX
Artificial Intelligence

Digital Asset Future Exchange (DAFEX)is a global professional financial technology service provider. We see ourselves as one of the leaders of this revolution paving the future for digital wealth. Our research and development center in Moscow is committed to bringing the top innovation of financial technology and bringing together the experts and the technical support in the industry to develop an advanced AI trading system.

DAFEX is a licensed institution supervised by “Money Service Business”, MSB. MSB is under the US Treasury Department. It has strict registration requirements and rules and monitors all financial market behaviour such as financial services-related businesses and companies for digital currency trading, foreign transactions and exchange, international remittances and payments, and so on.

Not only the official approval of MSB proves that we value financial regulation and transparency but also shows that our performance has been in the leading position in the financial industry.

AI Trading Platform for Digital Assets
Leading AI Trading Platform for Digital Assets

DAFEX's R&D department has devoted years and years of their efforts to develop an innovative technology that integrates artificial intelligence and blockchain. Today, we have successfully developed the most completed Artificial Intelligence Trading system in the world – AIT.

AIT provides investors with a professional digital currency investment strategy through the artificial intelligence big data strategy analysis engine. Base on global real-time transactions, liquidity and big data to operate data mining, screening, analysis and collation to serve the purpose of automated investing and quantitative trading of digital currency. It is a highly intelligent and fully automated user-friendly trading system that also meets the investment objective of different investors according to the requirements and characteristics of their assets.

AI Trading Bot

DAFEX (AIT) - Your personal artificial intelligence investment and asset manager. It is a powerful tool that brings you honest and transparent opportunities for you to gain stable and sustainable profits. Whether you are an experienced investor or not, the comprehensive investment analysis and strategies will bring you a future of immeasurable fortune in the era of digital wealth.

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