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Last updated: Mar 30, 2023
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Triffic is a new mobile application taking advantage of augmented reality, GPS, and blockchain technology. With these industries on the rise, it has been gaining lots of attention. Triffic gamifies your life by letting you earn on the move.

Simply put, users can actively earn tokens while taking part in exciting scavenger hunts, or passively while running errands, on daily work commutes, fun travels, and more. Triffic’s motto is “Turning miles into money” and we look forward to seeing if they can do just that.

The Triffic Experience

To visualize the Triffic experience, think of Pokemon GO, but instead of running around to catch Pokemon, which serves no real purpose, users will see beacons appear around them. If a user manages to snatch a beacon, they will then be rewarded with GPS tokens, the app’s native currency. These GPS tokens can be exchanged for fiat.

It Pays to Play (In more ways than one)

It is worth mentioning that these beacons can help users gain more than GPS tokens. The intention is that businesses will take advantage of the technology for marketing purposes. So, don’t be surprised if you see a beacon outside of your favorite gaming store with the store’s brand on it. If you snag it, you may gain some loyalty points to the store.

Founder James Malach recently posted a video demo online showing off the app in real-time. From what we watched, the beacons are extremely well designed and the augmented reality technology is smooth, rendering for a quality user experience. It does look like a real beacon is floating in front of you.

The Business Model

Triffic offers several incentives for gamers, travelers and businesses to use the app as soon as possible. The earlier you gain GPS tokens, the better.

Triffic earns its revenue from video ads viewed by users. To be eligible to earn GPS tokens, a user must have ‘fuel’ in their tank. The only way to get fuel is by watching a quick 20-30 second video ad.

At the end of each month, Triffic takes 50% of its revenue, buys GPS tokens on the open market, and then rewards token holders with the proportionate amount of tokens they own in the market. For example, if you own 10% of all GPS tokens, then you will earn 10% of all of the monthly distribution rewards. It can add up quick!

Ways to Earn GPS Tokens

The primary ways to earn GPS tokens are through:

  • Games and Scavenger hunts
    • Developers, game creators, and businesses can create their own storylines, scavenger hunts, and exciting gameplay environments, taking advantage of Triffic’s augmented reality technology and user base.
    • Casual gamers and users can take part in various games and activities to earn GPS tokens and more.
  • Loyalty Points
    • Companies can easily create campaigns for loyalty points. They can set their own terms, say “buy 2 games and get 1 free,” in addition to the user gaining GPS tokens.
  • Business Marketing
    • Businesses can get creative about how they wish to take advantage of Triffic’s services. Overall, they can deploy their own branded beacons outside of their locations to draw in new and existing customers. Earning GPS tokens before buying a coffee can one day result in a free coffee.
  • Personal Favors
    • One example, as mentioned in their white paper, is dog walking. A Triffic user might need somebody to walk their dog while they are away. The Triffic user can post information about the times they need their dog walked, location and payment information. From there, they can accept incoming offers for the task. The rest is automated, making for an easy user experience on both ends. This feature is marked as being further down their roadmap, but still a great feature to keep aware of.

HODL! Your GPS Tokens

GPS tokens will be exchangeable through Ardor’s decentralized exchange or through any public exchange listings, which is an expectation amongst its users.

Hodl Your GPS Tokens

More often than not, exchange listings are one of the most significant pain points to most crypto projects, but the Ardor DEX is still a reliable go-to for fiat conversions. Also, as mentioned, users can begin gaining GPS tokens now and get an early start on market share.

Ready to Test the App?

Triffic is currently accepting alpha testers who can begin earning GPS tokens now and experiment with the augmented reality features it offers.

This means you can begin exploring areas and catching beacons, no matter where you live. It is clear that their focus is on product development and user experience, looking for constructive and honest feedback.

They recently uploaded a sign up section on their page explicitly for app testers.

Registering is simple; you can check it out here.

Let us know how the app works for you as we are also curious to hear from active users.

Featured Image via Triffic

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