Mixin (XIN) Collaborating with Nepal’s Global Payment Service Provider City on an Instant Messaging Payment System

Last updated: Mar 30, 2023
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Tokyo, Japan, June 26, 2018 - COO Danna Li announced today that Mixin Limited (Mixin) will cooperate with City Express Money Transfer Co. Ltd. (City), a global payment service provider, which belongs to the City Express Group, a large integrated financial group in Nepal. The co-operation is between Mixin Network and Mixin Messenger, the instant messaging payment system that is based on a distributed ledger technology.

As Mahesh Kumar Shrestha, Director of City, explains

Nepal is a famous overseas employment country. The nominal GDP of the country is about 19.47 billion U.S. dollars, of which the cross-border payment of overseas workers is about 28.2%. In addition, 64% of the labor force in Nepal is still concentrated in agriculture, forestry and fisheries. The payment and exchange of cash is inconvenient, and the mobile payment industry needs to be upgraded

Mixin Network is a mature distributed ledger and has the opportunity to solve electronic currency issues tied to the Nepal Rupee exchange rate such as account dealings, KYC, anti-money laundering and other functions in Nepal.

In addition, Mixin Messenger has mature features such as live chat and e-cash QR code payment. It provides recharging and withdrawal services in over 5,000 City branches. Meanwhile, it plays a vital role in instant mobile payment for shopping and remittance payments.

Mixin is also working with the ANEX Corporation, a global technology consulting firm, to launch a deeper discussion with City for a window into the Tokyo market.

Mixin Limited

Mixin Limited is based in Hong Kong with offices located in Beijing, Tokyo and other cities across Asia. Mixin is founded by Cedric Fung, Co-Founder and former Tech Partner of Yixia.com, a former senior system engineer of BigONE, and other outstanding projects.

Mixin’s early investors are Xiaolai Li from INBlockchain and Luo Yonghao from Smartisan. Former BigONE COO Danna Li joined Mixin in 2018. Mixin Network is a distributed underlying development platform; Mixin Messenger is a distributed instant messaging and digital asset mobile payment terminal. The Xin token is currently ranked top 50 on CoinMarketCap.

City Express Money Transfer

City Express is a top payment service provider deployed in Nepal (E-Money license holders;), Japan (funded mobile license holders;), Korea (the payment license holders GmoneyTrans, which is co-funded with Webcash, the Korean e-finance group). Mr. Shrestha, Director of City, also takes up management positions of the Bank, investment, human resources and other brand organizations of City Express Group. He is responsible for global market expansion.

ANEX Corporation

ANEX Corporation is Located in Tokyo, co-founded in 2017 by Toshiyama and Nakayama, providing confidential global technical cooperation consulting services. Dedicated to the launching new platforms in Japan and global expansion of various excellent overseas trading engines, asset management, and liquidation and other industry technologies. Fintech Association member.

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