PR: Trade Smart Using Ubecoin on Latoken Exchange

Last updated: Mar 30, 2023
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‘Empowering merchants and consumers on a decentralized Barter trading platform’, a vision of Ube Ltd, is close to being achieved as they partner with Latoken to offer an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) and subsequent listing on the Latoken exchange. Ubecoin aims - to disrupt the global traditional barter market completely.

“Using Ubecoin as a medium of exchange globally, merchants will dramatically reduce the currency fluctuations and the cash fees incurred by generic cross border transactions. Ube Ltd will offer consumers and small to medium businesses the access and advantage of a decentralised Barter trading platform.” - Ubecoin Team.

The platform designed for trading and entertainment, provides the benefit of instantaneous transactions without any cash transaction fees. For providing a seamless trading experience, Ubecoin will be openly traded on the Latoken Exchange at the completion of the IEO. Latoken is an multi-asset exchange platform for trading crypto currencies and tokenize assets.

Ube Ltd. has partnered with Probability Gaming, RapidID, AdDrivers Limited, RISKU Pty Ltd and Revinfotech, to ensure a smooth flow of services on its platform. The Ubecoin ecosystem based on three phases starting with Free Trade Barter to Online Entertainment and Fintech & Telco will facilitate access to the modern economy.

The expert team at Ube Ltd. welcomes you to connect on the platform and grow your business through a free access to the first 5,000 merchants on the FTB platform.

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