WINk Review: The First Gaming Blockchain Built on Tron

Last updated: Mar 30, 2023
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WINk (WIN) is blockchain based decentralised gaming ecosystem. It has been generating quite a bit of interest lately given its dual token approach.

WINk is being issued as both a TRC10 token and a BEP2 token. This will be on the Tron and Binance chains respectively. It is also following a whole host of other projects that have completed an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) on the Binance Launchpad.

However, is it really worth it?

In this WINk review, I will give you everything you need to know about the project. I will also analyse the long term use cases and adoption potential of the WIN tokens.

What is WINk?

WINk bills itself as a blockchain gaming and social platform where users will be able to stake across multiple blockchain ecosystems.

The platform feels it has a unique gaming ecosystem, comprised of an innovative token economy and behavioral mining, as well as other incentive mechanisms intended to make WINk a sticky platform.

Besides simply providing users with an excellent gaming experience, the platform is also built so that developers can easily build new dApps that encourage user engagement and adoption.

Games on WINk
Some of the Casino Games on WINk. Image via

WINk will be the seventh token to be offered on the Binance Launchpad platform as an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO). The offering is following the lottery format, and winners will be announced on July 31, 2019.

There will be $6 million worth of WIN tokens allocated, and they will be issued as both BEP2 tokens on the Binance chain and TRC-20 tokens on the Tron chain, making them the first Tron-based platform.

The WINk team plans on expanding its market positioning by consistently offering new, high-quality dApps. By taking advantage of the game industry experience of the team, and by making it easy for new developers to create dApps, the team believes they can achieve market dominance and impressive growth of this new gaming platform.

WINk Features and Highlights

WINk was born from the rebranding of TRONbet, which was the first dApp launched on Tron. It has since grown to become the largest dApp in terms of users and transaction volume. Even though numerous competitors have tried to unseat it, it has remained at the top of the blockchain gaming food chain.

The strategic partnership with Tron will give WINk a significant advantage in the gaming ecosystem.

With the rebranding, WINk has specifically been created to make it easy for new developers to bring projects to life on the platform. It is possible to port existing projects or create brand new projects using the APIs and developer tools that have been created by the WINk team. The rebranding is also intended to take WINk in new directions from its origins in TRONbet.

Games on WINk
Statistics for dApp users on WINk. Image via dAppRadar

It’s true some have criticized WINk as being nothing more than another gambling platform, but there are plans for expansion into micro-loans, stablecoins, security tokens, and new payment channels. In short, WINk plans on becoming a full-fledged hub for decentralized financial products.

The team plans on using a number of incentives outside of behavioral mining and staking. There will be a number of social features, live operations and interactions and events, all designed to enhance the user experience. It has been this type of commitment to the community that has allowed TRONbet to continue growing, and it will do the same for the newly created WINk.

Building on the Tron blockchain will allow WINk to take advantage of the scalability of up to 2,000 transactions per second and 3-second transactions to offer a nearly instantaneous gaming experience. And WINk has its own scaling solution for games like slots and poker that keeps the platform at the forefront of blockchain technology.


WINk User Benefits

The WINk team considers users to be the core of the platform, and every single dApp that connects to the platform will share a portion of the winnings with users via the RainDrop mechanism.

The amount received by users is proportional to how many WIN they choose to stake. The RainDrop will payout every single day to users who stake and the payouts will be in TRX.

Raindrop WINk
How the WINk Raindrop will work. Image via WINk WhitePaper

In addition to staking, WIN tokens are also necessary to participate in the governance of the platform. In this way users are not just players, they are also active community members. This will allow the platform to grow in response to user needs and wishes, not just based on what some centralized power structure deems important.

It is expected that those who stake WIN will also receive additional benefits in the future, depending on how dApps are created. These benefits might take the form of larger payouts, an increased mining rate, or simply from a direct discount.

All of this allows users to maintain control over their assets while also becoming a member of the community and potentially earning on a regular basis based on their staked tokens. This innovative incentive plan is expected to create a sticky platform populated with loyal and committed community members, or fans.

When compared with the traditional centralized gaming platforms users can expect the following improvements and benefits:

  • Games work by smart contracts and are fully auditable.
  • Users always have custody of their funds. There is no need to make deposits, or wait for transfers of winnings.
  • All games and winnings work on cryptocurrencies.
  • Exclusive events and social features will encourage users to hold WIN tokens.
  • Partnership with Tron and BitTorrent will provide an immediate audience and user base.

WINk Roadmap

Because the platform already has TRONbet and roughly a dozen other games the roadmap is fairly aggressive. The team obviously knows what they want, where they need to go, what users want and how long it should take to roll out new features.

In the third quarter of 2019, we will see not only the rebranding to WINk, but also the launch of poker (currently in alpha) and sports betting (coming soon). The other focuses of the team are to bring more blockchain platforms on board (BTC, ETH, LTC), release a user hierarchy system for rewards and incentives, and acquire additional gaming licenses.

WINk Roadmap
WINk Roadmap. Image via Whitepaper

The fourth quarter of 2019 will see additional blockchain platforms brought on-board, more dApps added, improvements made to the hierarchy system based on user feedback, and the launch of the Ecosystem Fund.

Beginning in the first quarter of 2020 the team plans on integrating stablecoins, releasing an SDK and API for the platform, and launching the Open Platform. They will also be looking to form major partnerships, and that will continue into the second quarter of 2020.

Other partnership plans that will be targeted at that time include European Soccer Clubs. The dApp gaming store should be ready to launch by this time as well, and user acquisition through the Opera browser and BitTorrent will begin.

The WINk Team

Because WINk is a decentralized platform it only makes sense that the team would also be decentralized, which it is. Members are located all across the globe.

Taken all together the WINk team has decades of gaming experience, and decades of blockchain experience as well. The uniting factor for the team members is their passion for the combination of blockchain and gaming, and how it can revolutionize the gaming industry.

Since 2017, when the potential of Bitcoin and other blockchain projects caught the attention of the founders, WINk has been a work in progress. It began when the core team members left their previous projects and began exploring how to integrate blockchain and gaming technologies.

WINk Team
Some of the WINk team members. Source: Binance Research Report

TRONbet began as nothing more than a side project for the 3 founding members, but it quickly expanded to a full-time team of 11 members. The investment from the Tron Arcade Fund, and the rebrand to WINk is an exciting new step for the team and for the project.

The team is evenly distributed, with four members coming from the blockchain industry, while three others are veterans of gaming and product management. Several of the developers have extensive experience in mobile gaming, and this could prove important for the future of the project.

The ultimate goal of the entire team is to revolutionize gaming as we know it, and also coming to dominate the space with the best, most user-friendly gaming platform available.

WINk Community

In order to increase the adoption of a cryptocurrency project, there first needs to be awareness throughout the community. The best way to generate awareness for a project is through a large and active community.

So, how does WINk stack up?

Well, they still do have a pretty reasonable community size that they have generates from the TronBet days. For example, they have a Twitter account with just over 11k followers.

They also have a Telegram channel which has just over 8,000 members. I jumped into this Telegram and there was some pretty interesting conversation going on. There were of course a few "moon boys" but they were in the minority.

However, perhaps one of the biggest assets for awareness that WINk has is the fact that they are building on Tron. Tron's founder, Justin Sun is a prolific marketer (some say too much). He has already been pushing the WINk project through his Twitter account.

Justin Sun WINk
Justin Sun's Tweets about WINk. Image via Twitter

It was Justin Sun that helped to market another Tron based project, BitTorrent. This was also one of the most successful IEOs that took place on the Binance Launchpad.

The WIN Token

There will be 999 billion WIN tokens created, and they can only be gotten through the upcoming IEO, or through the secondary markets, airdrops and promotional events.

The first offering is the initial exchange offering (IEO), which is being held on the Binance Launchpad platform. It is a lottery style offering, and it began on July 24, 2019, and lottery winners will be notified on July 31, 2019. Only 5% of the total WIN supply, or 49,950,000,000 WIN will be allocated to the public sale.

WIN Token Distribution
Initial WIN Token Distribution. Source: Whitepaper

With tokens being sold at $0.0001201 the hard cap for the sale is $6 million. It should also be noted that the price is based on a bare minimum for BTC and is equivalent to roughly 1 Satoshi, which is the smallest BTC unit of measure. That means the value of WIN can only go higher in Bitcoin terms, once a market trading WIN/BTC is established.

The other attractive feature of this low initial price point is that price could increase significantly following the sale. Binance IEOs are known to see significant growth in the short-term, and it not unusual to see 10x growth immediately following the IEO.

WIN Token Release
WIN Token Release Schedule. Source: Binance Research Report

The other way to easily receive WIN tokens will be through airdrops. There is an additional 5% of the total coin supply allocated to airdrops, which are expected to stretch out over the next three years. The first airdrop will occur in August 2019 and WIN tokens will be airdropped to holders of TRX, BTT and ANTE/WIN tokens.

This initial airdrop will distribute 10,989,000,000 WIN, or 22% of the total airdrop allotment. The following 12 months is expected to see an additional 24%, or 11,880,000,000 WIN (999,000,000 each month) distributed via airdrops.


There’s no denying that WINk has a strong team, and is starting with a strong, proven product in TRONbet. Of course, blockchain gaming is a new space, but online gaming is not, and with the experience brought to the project by the development and marketing teams there’s little reason to think that the project can’t become extremely successful.

Beginning with the already 16,000 large TRONbet community, the WINk platform will also have access to the Tron community initially, and eventually the 300 million strong BitTorrent community. When you combine that reach with a proven strong platform the likely outcome is going to be market dominance.

Of course, the blockchain gaming space is brand new, so it is nearly impossible to say what developments might be coming that could unseat WINk as a leader. If the platform does maintain a solid lead these early WIN tokens could become quite valuable, especially if users simply stake them and collect the dividends.

Steve Walters

Steve has been writing for the financial markets for the past 7 years and during that time has developed a growing passion for cryptocurrencies.

Disclaimer: These are the writer’s opinions and should not be considered investment advice. Readers should do their own research.

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