CryptoDogs: The Next Blockchain Pet Project Dying for Your Attention

Last updated: Mar 30, 2023
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Move over CryptoKitties, your canine crypto cousins are here to steal some of your attention.

It seems like just yesterday that we were introduced to the notion of cryptokitties. These ethereum smart contract pets were all the rage in the community as people bred their own crypto cats to be sold at a profit.

They were so popular, in fact, that their large scale use caused Ethereum backlogs that slowed transactions and almost brought the network to standstill. Many were angry at the notion that such trivial dApps could do such.

This also had the affect of spurring interest in other tradable smart contracts on the network. One of those was crypto celebrities which was also slightly gaining steam towards the end of last month.

However, none of these took off in Asia mainly due to the language barrier. This has changed now with the introduction of Cryptodogs.

What is CryptoDogs

Cryptodogs was released in Hong Kong a few days ago. There were many in Asia who wanted to partake in the craze of cryptokitties. However, it was difficult to understand the exact nature of the game given that they were in English.

CryptoDogs was released specifically for the Chinese market. However, those who are used to the CryptoKittes platform will see the similarities of the sites. Below is a screenshot of the marketplace on the CryptoDogs platform.

CryptoDogs Marketplace Website
CryptoDogs Marketplace. Source:

There is something that is unique about the CryptoDogs platform and that is the fact that it is not built on the Ethereum blockchain. It is built off of the AChain blockchain.

CryptoDogs on Achain Blockchain

Achain is much like Ethereum in that people can build smart contracts, issue tokens and develop applications on the blockchain. It differs in that it is based on the "Fork Theory". This is where Achain will allow developers to fork the code and create new tokens that are based on the Achain blockchain.

Hence, unlike how CryptoKitties was built on the Ethereum platform as tokens, CryptoDogs will be its own entirely new chain with a new coin. This means there will be a complete separation of the forked chain and the legacy chain.

Therefore, Cryptodogs is unlikely to slow down Achain like CryptoKitties did to Ethereum. The congestion and spam that may take place with CryptoDogs will have no effect on Achain. This is no doubt a relief for a number of developers who depend on its efficient functioning.

Moreover, Achain is capable of processing way more transactions than the Ethereum network. On Achain, one can expect to have a throughput of about 1,000 transactions per second which is exponentially greater than Ethereum's 12 tx/s.

If CryptoDogs is indeed successful and garners enough interest, it could set a precedent of more developers making use of the Achain blockchain for their dApps.

More to Come?

Altough many may look at these pet and celebrity smart contracts as a novelty that is wasting time and resources, they are helpful in testing the resilience of the networks that they are built on.

They also help developers learn more about coding Decentralised applications on the blockchain. This could eventually also help in the long run as numerous blockchain based start-ups are looking to hire developers.

In the meantime though, you can help yourself to one of the numerous CryptoDogs for sale. These could be a prized possessions in the next few weeks and they have the added benefit of not requiring a walk outside.

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