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Voyager Review

Voyager (VGX) Review: The Crypto Lending App

The Voyager crypto trading app was released in mid-January 2019 and has been growing steadily in popularity since then. It is available in the U.S. (except New York) and expects to add access for Canadian users and European users in...

/ February 5, 2021
Elixir (ELIX) Review

Elixir (ELIX) Review: Complete Beginners Guide 

Elixir is an Ethereum based platform that provides payments, lending and crowd-funding services on the Blockchain. The company sees decentralization as a much-needed answer to the security and efficiency issues that many of today’s financial services face. Centralized servers put...

/ May 24, 2018
Fake Poloniex App Phishing

Fake Poloniex Apps Harvest Credentials

It has become quite profitable recently to fraudulently steal cryptocurrency from traders. Couple the increased prices of these coins with the number of new users and you have the perfect storm for phishing scams to emerge. One that was recently...

/ October 25, 2017