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STACK (STK) Review: Enabling Cryptocurrency to Fiat Payments

While the cryptocurrency world has progressed swiftly since the emergence of Bitcoin in 2008, there is still some way to go before digital currencies are fully implemented as a present day mediums of exchange. Cryptocurrency debit cards play a key...

/ February 22, 2018
No crypto ban in South Korea

South Korean Finance Minister Confirms no Crypto Ban

It has been the cause of much consternation in the cryptocurrency markets over the past week. News that South Korea may be banning cryptocurrency exchanges have driven the price of all cryptocoins to monthly lows. However, it seems as if...

/ January 31, 2018
Bitinterest Fork Review

The Bitcoin Interest (BCI) Hard-Fork: Bring You Up to Speed

Well, if you thought Bitcoin hard forks were an interesting phenomenon in 2017, just wait for the rest of 2018 to come to fruition. That’s because there’s a whole slew of forks coming, and the one that’s making the rounds...

/ January 31, 2018
Victims Robbed Bitcoin Thailand

Couple are Robbed of $100,000 in Bitcoin While in Thailand

A Russian couple who were on holiday in Thailand were robbed of approximately $100,000 in Bitcoin according to local news. They were staying at a condo on a beach when the attack took place. The Russian couple were staying on...

/ January 21, 2018
Lightning Network Change Bitcoin

The Lightning Network Could Change Everything About Bitcoin

The Lightning Network will be a crucial addition to the bitcoin and cryptocurrency ecosystem. It could potentially alter the entire crypto economy. This is because Lightning Network will theoretically allow for nearly free and instant transactions on the bitcoin network....

/ January 20, 2018
Guide to Shorting Bitcoin

Bearish on BTC? The Definitive Guide to Shorting Bitcoin

Trading Bitcoin can be quite a risky endeavour. It is known to be one of the most volatile assets in the world. Even as more and more traders get on board and increase adoption, it still suffers from large price...

/ January 13, 2018
Buying Goods on Amazon with Purse.io

Using Bitcoin to Buy Products on Amazon with Purse.io

Many Bitcoin users know that one of the holy-grails for Bitcoin adoption is the integration of Bitcoin payments into Amazon. Whenever there is a mere rumour of an Amazon Bitcoin integration, the markets rally. Sometimes, Bitcoin users try to interpret...

/ January 2, 2018
Cryptocurrency Market Losses

Cryptocurrency Markets Bleed Out With End of Year Sell-Off

With the massive gains the cryptocurrency space has been seeing since November, many in the community have been joking that “Christmas came early this year.” But that doesn’t necessarily seem to be the case any more, as traders the world...

/ December 22, 2017
Ronnie Moas $400,000 Bitcoin

Ronnie Moas Predicts Bitcoin Will Hit $400,000 Soon

In the summer of 2017 analyst Ronnie Moas predicted that Bitcoin would hit the $5,000 (£3731) price mark by the end of the year. Economists responded by calling his prediction highly unlikely, stating that the cryptocurrency had already entered a...

/ December 20, 2017
Prosecutors Sell 8.5m Bitcoin

Prosecutors Rush to Sell $8.5m of Seized Bitcoin

It is not only Bitcoin traders that are taking notice of the incredible rise in price, but also law enforcement agencies. This is particularly acute for the case when the law enforcement agency in question has seized a large stash...

/ December 17, 2017