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Andreas Antonopoulos on the Impact of CME Futures

Andreas Antonopoulos on the Impact of CME Futures

There are many uncertainties when it comes to the impact that Futures will have on the price of Bitcoin. There are a range of opinions that people have. Some are of the view that it could give large institutional investors...

/ December 10, 2017
Bitcoin Rally

Bitcoin Madness: What’s Driving the Wild Price Swings?

Bitcoin prices have gone completely off the rails in the last two months. Climbing from a respectable $5,000 to an almost unimaginable $19,000 for the briefest of moments before resting at its current $16,000 or so. What is behind these...

/ December 8, 2017
UK Regulating Crypto

U.K. Regulating Crypto? Treasury Ministry Looking Closer Than Ever

Her Majesty’s Treasury plans to bring crypto use into the “day light,” as it were, by forcing cryptocurrency users to reveal their identities in the United Kingdom. Naturally, many will liken this development to a crackdown. But what’s really going...

/ December 5, 2017
Dutch Columnist Calls Bitcoin Dangerous

Shocking Report Claims Bitocin is Dangerous and Undermines Central Banks

Over the weekend, a Dutch columnist caused quite a stir by telling their readers to sell their Bitcoin. She said this must be done because they were inherently dangerous and there was no financial institution to back it up. Despite...

/ December 4, 2017
Warning From Federal Reserve on Bitcoin

Warning From Federal Reserve on Possible Measures

The United States Federal reserve seems to think that Bitcoin could pose a risk to financial stability as more people attempt to invest in it. They have stated that they may get involved in crafting some measured to “protect investors”....

/ December 3, 2017

Nasdaq Joins the Bitcoin Train, Introduces Futures

As Bitcoin was breaking new records in the past 3 days, large financial exchanges are attempting to get in on the action. We have previously reported that the CME will be launching derivative futures in December. The effect of this...

/ November 30, 2017
Penthouse for Sale Miami Bitcoin

Real Estate Brokers in Miami Want Bitcoin

Bitcoin is facing mass adoption all around the world. So much so, that it is being used to buy assets in one of the oldest asset classes of all time. When it comes to real estate, Bitcoin payments are being...

/ November 27, 2017
From Gold to Digital Gold

From Gold to Digital Gold, Investment Fund Discovers Crypto

One of the staple hedges against economic and inflationary risk is that of Gold. The yellow metal has been one of the go to assets for investors for a number of years. It has also been the principle investment asset...

/ November 24, 2017
Bitcoin mature With CME Announcement

Bloomberg Declares Bitcoin “Mature” With Futures Announcement

Earlier this month, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, or CME for short, announced their intentions to offer bitcoin futures. Following this announcement, bitcoin prices launched upwards to new all-time highs of over $7500. While the high price may not have lasted...

/ November 15, 2017
Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Surging

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Surging: A Quick 101 on Bitcoin’s Rival Bitcoin

As Bitcoin’s (BTC) dropped $1,000 over the past several hours, Bitcoin Cash (BCH)—the cryptocoin that split off during the highly contested August 1st hard-fork—has conversely surged. At press time, Bitcoin Cash is up a whopping 30% from yesterday, November 9th....

/ November 10, 2017