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Bitcoin Misconceptions

The Top Five Things Bitcoin Opponents Just Don’t Get

Bitcoin & Co.’s prices are still on a roller coaster ride. Bitcoin, the flagship of all cryptocurrencies, recently fell below $6,000. Now it’s over $7,000 again. Recent causes of turbulence were a possible crypto ban in India and the ordered...

/ March 18, 2018
Blockchain Name Change Price Rally

Company’s Share Price Soars as it adds “Blockchain” to its Name

What’s really in a name? It was often touted as one of the clearest signs of irrational exuberance during the tech bubble of 2000. Stories of companies that were able to rally in price merely by adding “.com” to their...

/ October 31, 2017
Bitcoin Not Tulips

Bitcoin vs. Tulips? Why Bubble Analogies Are Disingenuous

JP Morgan boss Jamie Dimon had a lot of things to say about Bitcoin last month and none of them were good. In amongst swipes about the cryptocurrency being ‘a fraud’ and best suited to murderers and North Koreans, Dimon...

/ October 16, 2017

Jamie Dimom from JP Morgan Labels Bitcoin a “Fraud”

The CEO of JP Morgan has some harsh words to say about Bitcoin. A long-time critic of Crypto Currencies, Jamie Dimon labelled Bitcoin as a “fraud” and said he would fire any trader who traded on it for being “stupid”....

/ September 12, 2017
Robert Shiller Bitcoin Bubble

World Famous Nobel Laurate Labels Bitcoin a Bubble

Robert Shiller has created quite a name for himself as an Economist and professor. He specialises in asset bubbles and is best known for predicting the housing market crash long before it eventually burst. In an interview that he gave...

/ September 7, 2017