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Dashing Dash Performance

Dashing Dash: Excitement Builds as #1 Payment Crypto Surges

Dash – the number five cryptocurrency by market cap – has been having quite the run recently as one of the most dominant “privacy coin.” At press time, the coin is seemingly flirting with $600 – more than doubling its...

/ November 23, 2017
What is Dash Cryptocurrency

What is Dash Cryptocurrency

When it comes to cryptocurrencies, one of the original benefits that many people had touted was that it was decentralized. There was not one person or entity that controlled it. The network was spread out across a whole host of...

/ October 28, 2017
Bitcoin Transaction Fees too High

Are Bitcoin Fees Driving users to Altcoins

One of the main incentives behind Bitcoin was the manner in which people could quickly and easily send funds to someone else at a cost that was fractions of the established alternatives. However, this is unfortunately no longer the case....

/ October 4, 2017