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Blockchain Domains Cover

Blockchain Domains: Complete Guide from DNS to ENS

Even though I manage to forget all manner of things – birthdays, where I left my keys, the names of friends’ children – some bits of information remain lodged in my brain. One of these is the landline number of...

/ July 5, 2020
Neo Name Service

Neo Name Service (NNS): Decentralised DNS on the Blockchain

How frustrating do you find it to have to go searching for your NEO wallet address anytime someone wants to send you some GAS? And what about the painstaking process of adding a script hash to your Neon wallet so...

/ October 19, 2018
.eth domain

Getting Your .ETH Domain: Complete Guide to the ENS

If you’re looking for an easier way to receive ETH this is the article you’ve been looking for. In it I’m going to let you know the steps you can take to secure your own .eth domain, which will allow...

/ August 9, 2018
Websites Detect Usage MetaMask

Using an in-browser Ethereum Wallet? Other Websites Can Identify It

If you are a user of an in-browser Ethereum wallet such as Metamask and Parity, then it is possible that other websites are able to identify you as an Ethereum user. This is according to a thorough disclosure by a...

/ January 22, 2018
EtherDelta Hack Metamask

Fallout from the EtherDelta Hack Continues

Last week we reported about the EtherDelta DNS hack that saw attackers compromise the DNS servers of the exchange and take users to a malicious server. At the time, the guidance was to avoid logging into the site. Users were...

/ December 27, 2017
EtherDelta DNS Hack

Funds Stolen as EtherDelta Suffers DNS Hack

The largest decentralised Ethereum exchange has had their DNS server hacked. This has resulted in users losing funds in the hack. As a decentralised exchange, EtherDelta is responsible for about 10% of all Ethereum transactions. This shows just how significant...

/ December 22, 2017
Increasing Demand ENS

Adoption Increasing of Ethereum Name Service

The Ethereum Name Service (ENS) was first released on the Ethereum mainnet on 4th of May 2017. This allowed for an automated auction process where anyone could register a .eth domain TLD using the auction process. This allowed anyone to...

/ November 6, 2017