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Factors Invest in Crypto

Top 6 Market Factors You Should Use to Find the Best Coins

We all know that investing in cryptocurrency can be scary for those new to the market. This is especially true for such a nascent asset class that is more volatile than anything else they have previously considered. With that being...

/ April 27, 2018
Bitgrail WIthdrawal Saga

Bitgrail Withdrawal Saga: Accusations Fly as Exchange Institutes KYC

There is one golden rule when it comes to cryptocurrency investing. Don’t keep all your coins on exchanges. This seems to be playing out again in the case of the ongoing withdrawal saga at the Bitgrail exchange. The CEO of...

/ January 30, 2018
Cryptocurrency Market Losses

Cryptocurrency Markets Bleed Out With End of Year Sell-Off

With the massive gains the cryptocurrency space has been seeing since November, many in the community have been joking that “Christmas came early this year.” But that doesn’t necessarily seem to be the case any more, as traders the world...

/ December 22, 2017
North Korean Exchange Phishing

North Korean Hackers Target Staff at South Korean Exchanges

North Korea has long been an active hacking force with names such as the “Lazarus Group” being well known in cyber security circles. We have previously covered the attempts by North Korean hackers to infiltrate South Korean exchanges through security...

/ November 12, 2017
Decentralised Trading Exchanges

Smart Contracts and Decentralized Trading Exchanges

In recent years, topics related to the blockchain have been reported on virtually non-stop, and with good reason. There are hundreds of new companies now working to develop both products and services which are centered on the decentralized technologies. With...

/ October 18, 2017
viaBTC setting up business offshore

Via BTC will Open up a new Platform outside of China

ViaBTC was one of the exchanges that was forced to close down their operations in China as a result of the ban. They will officially cease all operations in the country on the 30th of September. According to the statement...

/ September 23, 2017