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Bitfinex Responds Criticism

Bitfinex and Tether Respond to Allegations

Bitfinex has suffered quite a bit of bad press recently. Firstly there was the hack of Tether where a hacker was able to extract up to $30m worth of the cryptocurrency. This of course ignited all of the same concerns...

/ December 1, 2017
Parity Wallet Freeze Post Mortem

Parity issues a Post Mortem on the Kill that Froze Millions

On the 6th of November, the Ethereum community was shaken yet again by disclosure that the Parity multisig wallet was hacked. A user was able to take over control of a number of wallets and once done, accidentally “killed” the...

/ November 16, 2017
Ethereum Community Split Parity

Ethereum Community Split on Response to Parity Exploit

Two days ago, the biggest exploit on an Ethereum smart contract took place. An amatuer developer managed to take control of some Parity multisig wallets and proceeded to accidentally kill referencing libraries. This had the effect of freezing over $150m...

/ November 9, 2017
Parity Flaws are Exposed

Parity Flaw Lets Amateur Dev Lock Away Millions’ Worth of ETH

November 6, 2017, will go surely go down as a day of infamy for the Ethereum community. On this day, a user accidentally locked away all ether (and tokens) inside of every Parity multi-sig wallet. Right now, the amount of...

/ November 8, 2017
Digital Identities on the Blockchain

Digital Identities and the Blockchain

We exist in two formats. In today’s developed world there is our physical self and our digital self and each needs the other to survive. To some this may sound a little dystopian but it’s essentially a situation we have...

/ September 25, 2017

Blockchain Technology and Data Protection

The recent hacking of US credit report giant Equifax, which saw the personal information of up to 143 million customers compromised, is sadly nothing new in today’s world. Massive security breaches of this kind and the subsequent exposure of customer...

/ September 13, 2017

North Korea Hacking South Korean Bitcoin Exchanges

If there are two words that have entered the public lexicon with great fervour this year, they are “hacking” and “North Korea”. This was the case even before rumours began to swirl that North Korean hackers were infiltrating South Korean...

/ September 13, 2017
IOTA Hashing Vulnerability

The IOTA Hash Vulnerability that is Scaring Investors

For those people that were following the IOTA token price this week, they will have noticed that there were considerable downward movements on the news of a cryptographic vulnerability. The vulnerability was discovered by a team of researchers from MIT...

/ September 10, 2017