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Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Surging

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Surging: A Quick 101 on Bitcoin’s Rival Bitcoin

As Bitcoin’s (BTC) dropped $1,000 over the past several hours, Bitcoin Cash (BCH)—the cryptocoin that split off during the highly contested August 1st hard-fork—has conversely surged. At press time, Bitcoin Cash is up a whopping 30% from yesterday, November 9th....

/ November 10, 2017
Death of SegWit2X HardFork

The Crypto Community Reacts to Death of SegWit2X HardFork

Over the past few years, Bitcoin has been embroiled in a number of disagreements regarding scalability and transaction cost issues, with stakeholders struggling to reach a general consensus on the most viable solutions. This resulted in the New York Agreement,...

/ November 10, 2017
Ethereum Community Split Parity

Ethereum Community Split on Response to Parity Exploit

Two days ago, the biggest exploit on an Ethereum smart contract took place. An amatuer developer managed to take control of some Parity multisig wallets and proceeded to accidentally kill referencing libraries. This had the effect of freezing over $150m...

/ November 9, 2017
Bitcoin Gold Is Here

Bitcoin Gold Is Here: Do the Pros Outweigh the Cons, or Vice Versa?

Bitcoin Gold (BTG)—the newly forked chain that just split off from the incumbent Bitcoin (BTC)—arrived in the crypto community on October 24th, 2017. We previously covered the announcement of the Bitcoin Gold fork earlier this month. It’s been a volatile...

/ October 25, 2017
Jeff Garzik to Launch Metronome

Solving Crypto Wars? Bloq CEO Jeff Garzik to Launch “Metronome”

Jeff Garzik—CEO of blockchain start-up Bloq—just announced at the Money2020 conference in Las Vegas that his company will be launching a new cryptocurrency, “Metronome.” But Metronome (MTN) won’t just be another run-of-the-mill crypto. Garzik’s new token would allow users the...

/ October 25, 2017
Bytether Crosschain Fork

Bytether Cross-Chain Fork Claims to be a New Bitcoin

Currently, all the hardforks of the Bitcoin network are creating a great deal of uncertainty. As more chains split in a hardfork and create new coins, there is more room for confusion by people. It is with this backdrop that we...

/ October 23, 2017
Ethereum Byzantium HardFork

Get Ready for the Ethereum Byzantium Hard Fork

The hardfork on the Ethereum network called Byzantium has now officially been set. It will occur at block number 4.37m which is likely to be at between 12:00 and 13:00 UTC on Monday the 16th of October. This is on...

/ October 12, 2017
Charlie Lee Predicts Coinbase response

Charlie Lee Predicts Coinbase Reaction to SegWit2x

Given that there is a particularly big event approaching Bitcoin in November, one would expect the largest Bitcoin exchange to lay out how they will handle it. However, in the face of the possible SegWit2X hard-fork, Coinbase has been quite...

/ October 3, 2017
Bitcoin Gold Hard Fork

Are we Heading to yet Another Version of Bitcoin?

It seems as if many investors were just getting used to the concept of Bitcoin cash, Bitcoin and the SegWitx2 fork in November. However, they may have to get used to the concept of yet another version of Bitcoin called “Bitcoin...

/ September 27, 2017
Ethereum Verifies first ZK-snark

Byzantium Ethereum Upgrade verifies first ZK-Snark Proof

The eager wait for the first Ethereum upgrade is now over. As we previously reported, the Byzantium stage of the upgrade is now running on the test net and it has just verified its first ZK-Snark proof. For those who...

/ September 21, 2017