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Goldman Launching Bitcoin Desk

Goldman to Launch Bitcoin Trading Desk

Perhaps nothing quite personifies the success that Bitcoin has undergone as the acceptance by Goldman Sachs of the need for a trading desk. According to a report by Bloomberg, Goldman Sachs is planning on launching a desk that will allow...

/ December 22, 2017
Bitcoin Sceptics are Old

Bitcoin Naysayers are Just “Old” says Hedge Fund Manager

We have all the usual arguments against Bitcoin. These have come from diverse groups of people in the financial community. One thing that many of them seem to share is that they were all born in another generation. This is...

/ November 23, 2017
Bad Bitcoin Predictions

Bitcoin’s Resilience: A Brief Look Naysayers Who Gave Up on BTC to Soon

At press time, 99Bitcoins’ infamous “Bitcoin Obituary” has no less than 186 Bitcoin obituaries. These are light-hearted and sarcastic obituaries, of course, only referring to incidents in which high-profile pundits claimed Bitcoin had died. The tongue-in-cheek joke is that these...

/ November 15, 2017
Bitcoin Not Tulips

Bitcoin vs. Tulips? Why Bubble Analogies Are Disingenuous

JP Morgan boss Jamie Dimon had a lot of things to say about Bitcoin last month and none of them were good. In amongst swipes about the cryptocurrency being ‘a fraud’ and best suited to murderers and North Koreans, Dimon...

/ October 16, 2017
Jamie Dimon Speaking Bitcoin

He Can’t help Himself: Jamie Dimon Trashing Bitcoin again

Like a jealous ex-lover who can’t seem to see their ex doing well without them, Jamie Dimon is back to bashing his favourite target. Yesterday he came out and claimed that Bitcoin investors were “stupid”. He seems to have a...

/ October 14, 2017
Christine Lagarde Bitcoin

IMF Head: Cryptocurrencies About to Cause “Massive Disruption”

It has come from one of the most unlikeliest of allies. The head of the organisation that is most associated with global financial elites has admitted the massive potential of cryptocurrencies. Christine Lagarde, the head of the International Monetary fund...

/ October 13, 2017
Why Governments Are Afraid of Bitcoin

Why Governments Are Afraid of Bitcoin

Unregulated, decentralised, with lingering dark web associations and beyond the reach of tax authorities: It’s hardly surprising that many of Bitcoin’s most prominent attributes are giving governments the jitters the world over. In fact, surely there’d be something amiss if...

/ October 12, 2017
Jamie Dimon Statements on Bitcoin

Jamie Dimon Back to criticising Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency

Jamie Dimon is taking shots at Bitcoin yet again. From saying that Bitcoin is nothing but a fraud, to buying Bitcoin on the dips created by the Crash, Dimon is creating quite infamous in the Bitcoin community. The likes of...

/ September 23, 2017
Jamie Dimon Market Abuse Claim

Jamie Dimon Market Abuse Claims Filed

In case you may have missed it, last week Jamie Dimon, the CEO of JP Morgan made very disparaging comments about Bitcoin. He likened it to a “fraud” and a “bubble” that many people would lose money on. No sooner...

/ September 22, 2017
Jamie Dimon Disses Bitcoin

Why JP Morgan Boss’ Views on Bitcoin Don’t Add Up

Jamie Dimon, CEO of investment bank JP Morgan, seemed to be enjoying himself when he addressed the Delivering Alpha conference in New York last week. He had Bitcoin in his sights and it would seem that he isn’t the cryptocurrency’s...

/ September 19, 2017