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John McAfee Story

John McAfee: When You Think Things Can’t Get Any Weirder…

It begins with a character, all I can do is trot along behind him trying to put down what he says and does.” – William Faulkner, Any decent writer will tell you that, if you want to rustle up a...

/ October 19, 2020
Pivx Review

PIVX Review: Proof-of-Stake Based Privacy Coin

PIVX made the news in May of this year when it was revealed that John McAffee’s privacy-oriented cryptocurrency, Ghost, had copy-pasted parts of PIVX’s original whitepaper. The question is why? PIVX is short for “Private Instant Verified Transaction”. It a...

/ June 19, 2020
CryptoTwitter Scams

Why is Twitter Struggling to Stop CryptoCurrency Scams?

For months now Twitter has been under fire for allowing cryptocurrency scams to flourish on its platform. Even though the company has admitted its aware of the problem, and has claimed to be working on a fix, nothing has changed...

/ June 16, 2018
John McAfee Tweet Cost

Have $105,000 To Spend on a Tweet? McAfee Would Like a Word

It can be tough for an ICO to get their name out. Given the number of projects that are completing ICOs currently, how do you most appropriately get your message across. Fear not, there is a simple solution that will...

/ April 3, 2018
Verge Donation Announcement

Verge (XVG) Team Asks for More Money. What’s Going On?

Verge (XVG) has been one of the more controversial cryptocurrency projects of late. While there are some really strong supporters in the community, there are an equally large number of sceptics who rail against the project. Now it seems as...

/ March 23, 2018

The McAfee Effect: Foul Play Involved?

John McAfee, the creator of the once indispensable McAfee Antivirus got involved in the cryptocurrency world a few years ago. Last year, he made headlines constantly with his frequent cryptocurrency boosting Twitter posts. Each time he made such a post,...

/ January 27, 2018
Reddcoin Crypto Review

McAfee Loves Reddcoin, But Is It Worth A Second Look?

As part of John McAfee‘s coin of the day program, an up-and-coming tipping currency called Reddcoin won the honor on December 24th. Following the mention on McAfee‘s Twitter feed, prices for the coin shot up sharply and then dipped again....

/ December 27, 2017
John McAfee Pumping Altcoins

John McAfee: Bringing Attention, or Pumping Altcoins Irresponsibly?

John McAfee is infamous for … well, lots of reasons. And he’s been doing nothing to change that as of late with his increased involvement in the cryptocurrency space. That’s because McAfee has been causing quite the stir in the...

/ December 26, 2017
Why Governments Are Afraid of Bitcoin

Why Governments Are Afraid of Bitcoin

Unregulated, decentralised, with lingering dark web associations and beyond the reach of tax authorities: It’s hardly surprising that many of Bitcoin’s most prominent attributes are giving governments the jitters the world over. In fact, surely there’d be something amiss if...

/ October 12, 2017
Government is Afraid of Bitcoin

Government is Afraid of Bitcoin says John McAfee

According to cyber security expert and Bitcoin investor, John McAfee, the only thing that Bitcoin investors have to fear is government attempts to restrict them. He claims that governments will try to stop cryptocurrencies as they have self-involved fear of...

/ October 9, 2017