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Request Network (REQ) Review

Request Network Review: The Decentralised Payment System

A project that has been getting a great deal of buzz recently is that of the Request Network. The Request Network (REQ) is developing a decentralized network for payment requests. It will allow users to quickly and easily send requests...

/ November 28, 2018
Monetha Coin Review

Monetha (MTH) Review: Decentralised Reputation Management

E-commerce is arguably one of the largest growing sectors of the economy, and it is expected to continue to see continued explosive growth in the coming decade. One blockchain platform looking to take advantage of that growth is Monetha, the...

/ November 13, 2018
Ripple Summit with Central Banks

Ripple Joins Central Bankers to Talk About the next Generation of Payments

At Carnegie hall in New York, Ripple recently hosted the “Central Bank Summit on Blockchain”. Central bankers from at least 24 different countries attended the conference to talk about how technology is likely to impact the global payment landscape. The...

/ November 14, 2017
Barclays Joins CLS Consortium

Barclays Becomes a Member of the CLS Blockchain Consortium

Barclays has been the latest company that added its name to the CLS blockchain consortium. They are joining companies such as JPMorgan, Bank of China and Goldman Sachs. The CLS consortium aims to use open source technology such as the...

/ September 25, 2017
Rumors Amazon Bitcoin

Could Amazon be getting Ready to Offer Bitcoin Payments?

There are rumors circulating online that Amazon may be making moves to accept Bitcoin as a payment method in October. They initially surfaced on a report on squawker.org. Although this would indeed be greatly beneficial to Amazon, there has been...

/ September 24, 2017