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AxiTrader Review

AxiTrader Review: Complete Broker Overview

AxiTrader is a relatively well established CFD broker that comes to us from Australia. They have an extensive track record in the industry and are well known for their relatively attentive customer service and extensive asset coverage. They also have...

/ February 16, 2019
Investous Review

Investous Review: Complete Broker Overview

Investous is a new CFD broker that has just opened its books to traders of many different stripes. They are fully regulated in Europe and offer over 270 different assets which you can trade. They also have a range of impressive...

/ January 8, 2019
No crypto ban in South Korea

South Korean Finance Minister Confirms no Crypto Ban

It has been the cause of much consternation in the cryptocurrency markets over the past week. News that South Korea may be banning cryptocurrency exchanges have driven the price of all cryptocoins to monthly lows. However, it seems as if...

/ January 31, 2018
S. Korea Threatens Ban

S. Korea Threatens Ban on Exchanges, Asset Prices Tank in Response

In many instances, trends that occur in Asian nations like Japan and South Korea have been harbingers for what is to come in the West. For better, or worse. The rapid adoption and near feverish demand for cryptocurrency in South...

/ January 12, 2018
Australian Tax Authorities Bitcoin

Australian Tax Taskforce Will Monitor Crypto Traders

The taxman Down Under is not taking any chances when it comes to the collection of cryptocurrency gains. It has been reported that the authorities are now interested in establishing a taskforce which will monitor the trading of cryptocurrencies. This...

/ January 10, 2018
China to Ban Bitcoin Mining

China to Shutdown Bitcoin Mining – Rumours Seem True

There have been persistent rumours about whether China would ban Bitcoin mining. These started to swirl after the crackdown in the middle of last year on Bitcoin trading and ICOs in the country. Now it seems that the rumours may...

/ January 8, 2018
Bitcoin Trial in Singapore

Trial Underway in Singapore for Bitcoin Trade Error

There is a really interesting trial underway in Singapore at the moment. It centres around 3,092 Bitcoin and a really expensive trading error. The case in question was currently being heard by Judge Simon Thorley of the Singapore International Commercial...

/ December 30, 2017
EU Bitcoin user Database

EU Bitcoin user Database: Big Brother is Watching

One of the main reasons that users favour Bitcoin is because they have complete freedom using it and can keep safely under the radar. This is something that has not gone unnoticed by the powers that be. According to an...

/ December 19, 2017
G20 Bitcoin Regulation

French Finance Minister Wants Bitcoin Legislation Discussed At G20 Summit

G20 – an organization of twenty countries that represent almost all of the worlds trade volume, may be taking time out of their busy schedule to discuss bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and how they can be legislated. The charge is...

/ December 19, 2017
Bittrex Exchange problems

Customers Complain as Major Exchange Bittrex Appears Unresponsive

Behind Coinbase, Bittrex is the second most popular cryptocurrency exchange in the United States. As such, Bittrex helps bear the brunt of the load for the incredible onboarding of American customers that have entered the crypto space over the past...

/ December 7, 2017