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EU Bitcoin user Database

EU Bitcoin user Database: Big Brother is Watching

One of the main reasons that users favour Bitcoin is because they have complete freedom using it and can keep safely under the radar. This is something that has not gone unnoticed by the powers that be. According to an...

/ December 19, 2017
G20 Bitcoin Regulation

French Finance Minister Wants Bitcoin Legislation Discussed At G20 Summit

G20 – an organization of twenty countries that represent almost all of the worlds trade volume, may be taking time out of their busy schedule to discuss bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and how they can be legislated. The charge is...

/ December 19, 2017
Bittrex Exchange problems

Customers Complain as Major Exchange Bittrex Appears Unresponsive

Behind Coinbase, Bittrex is the second most popular cryptocurrency exchange in the United States. As such, Bittrex helps bear the brunt of the load for the incredible onboarding of American customers that have entered the crypto space over the past...

/ December 7, 2017
Nigerian Central Bank Warns of Crypto

Nigerian Central Bank Warns of Cryptocurrency “Risks”. Ironic?

In a country that is synonymous with internet and mail scams, it is quite surprising to see that the Nigerian Deposit Insurance Corporation (NDIC) has warned its citizens about the danger of trading cryptocurrencies. Indeed it is also quite ironic...

/ November 29, 2017
Controversial Bitcoin Legislation

S.1241 Bill Bad News For U.S. Crypto Users? Inside The Controversial Legislation

Have you ever heard of the U.S. Senate’s Combating Money Laundering, Terrorist Financing, and Counterfeiting Act of 2017? Don’t fault yourself if you haven’t; not many have. But some crypto users are sounding the alarm over the bill right now,...

/ October 31, 2017
Russian Cryptocurrency Regulations

At the Crypto Regulation Vanguard, Russia Looks to Bring Crypto Into Use On Its Own Terms

Just a little over two weeks ago, the crypto space held its breath as rumors swirled around regarding whether Russia would follow China’s lead in de-licensing crypto exchanges, banning ICOs, and so forth. However, in the ensuing days, a flurry...

/ October 26, 2017
Lower Volatility Bitcoin Maturing

Lower Volatility a Sign that Bitcoin is Maturing

If you were to ask anyone on the street what came to mind when they thought about Bitcoin, no doubt the wild price swings would something that they mention. This is a fair characterisation as Bitcoin has exhibited some really...

/ October 23, 2017
Coinfirm Aims to Make ICOs Safer

Coinfirm Aims to Make ICOs Safer

There has been quite a bit of scepticism around for ICOs recently. People are of the view that they are sometimes used for dubious means by companies that cannot fully vett the individuals who are funding the projects. Indeed, there...

/ October 20, 2017
Governments Adopt Bitcoin

The Increasing Likelihood of National Cryptocurrencies

If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. That old adage seems to sum up the prevailing mood in a number of national treasury departments as they contemplate how best to address the phenomenal growth of cryptocurrencies across the world. Two...

/ October 18, 2017
Blockchain and Financial Services

Positive Developments For Blockchain at Banking Conference

Yesterday was the conference on Blockchain in Finance in Dublin. Anyone who attended the conference was certain to have felt the great deal of enthusiasm all round. For example, Barclay’s vice chairman compared the Blockchain to a new operating system...

/ October 4, 2017