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Barry Silbert Profile

Barry Silbert: Head of the New World Order of Crypto

Anyone new to crypto will, as they embark on the hallowed process of doing their own research, come across the same names over and over again. In a field not exactly packed with extroverts, a handful of characters keep popping...

/ November 7, 2020
Storj Review

Storj Review: Deep Dive into Blockchain Storage

Storj (pronounced “Storage”) is a decentralised file storage system that aims to make use of all the excess capacity around the world in the form of unused hard drives and bandwidth. People have lost a great deal of trust in...

/ August 30, 2018
Twitter Scams and Photoshop

Twitter Scams and Photoshop: The Creative Ways of Online Fraudsters

There is no doubt that you would have heard of it by now. Large scale Twitter scams are being perpetrated by bots that try to impersonate influential people. These operations have been operating for some time and despite the fact...

/ February 17, 2018
Estonia issue Estcoins

Could Estonia be The First Country to Issue Cryptocurrency

When it comes to countries that are at the forefront of the digital age, Estonia often comes up as one of the most advanced. Not only have they tried to digitise all of their government services but they have also...

/ December 30, 2017
CryptoCurrency Memes

Memes, Insults, and Crude Humor – Will They Doom Cryptocurrency?

Ethereum co-creator Vitalik Buterin released a shocking statement on Twitter earlier today. He declared that if things don’t change within the cryptocurrency community at large, he may very well exit and leave everyone behind. What made him so upset? In...

/ December 28, 2017
Ethereum Devcon Notice

A Check in on the Ethereum Roadmap at Devcon

The annual Ethereum developer conference kicked off on November 1, in Cancun, Mexico. The four-day Devcon3 event has gathered a host of Ethereum developers, investors, and enthusiasts while the featured speakers represent a who’s who of luminaries in the Ethereum...

/ November 3, 2017
Vitalik Buterin Interview

Vitalik Buterin on ICO flaws and Ethereum’s Scaling Issues

The founder of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin, gave an interview with two of the largest newspapers in South Korea. He discussed many topics and was open about some of the contentious of those at the moment. He talked about the potential...

/ September 28, 2017