5 CRAZY Crypto Mysteries You NEED To Know About! 🔍

Apr 21, 2021

1️⃣ Dr. Ruja & OneCoin 1️⃣

Few ponzi’s have been bigger than OneCoin, the crypto scheme that defrauded investors out of $4 billion! OneCoin was founded back in 2014, with the first coin claimed to have been mined in 2015. However, there was no public or private blockchain and no real tech to speak of - a bit of an issue How was that possible? Well, founder Dr. Ruja travelled the world flaunting her reported Oxford University degree and hosting lavish OneCoin events. That got her an almost cult-like following OneCoin holders were misled into thinking that their investments were going to the moon. The coin wasn’t traded on any exchange and the price was whatever Dr. Ruja said it was. So people believed they were getting rich; throw in a fake affiliate program and you have a viral ponzi scheme That continued on until October 2017 when Dr. Ruja never showed up to an event and has been missing ever since. That’s spawned many theories on where the ponzi queen is to this day

📈 Quadrigua CX 📈

Gerald Cotten was the founder and CEO of the Candian Bitcoin exchange, Quadrigua CX, which collapsed in Jan 2019 Yes, there is an interesting backstory to all that which I dive into in the vid. However, this mystery revolves around Gerald’s reported death during his honeymoon on the 9th of December 2018 Turns out that only Gerald had access to the cold storage which should have had $200 million in crypto in it. However, within a month of Cotten’s reported death, it was proven that almost all of these ‘inaccessible’ wallets were empty It was then revealed that Cotten had been using user funds to trade and let’s just say those trades didn’t go very well That got the crypto wondering whether Gerald was really dead or had he faked his own death?

🕵️‍♂️ Who Is Satoshi? 🕵️‍♂️

Bitcoin was created by the legendary Satoshi Nakamoto. However, on April 23 2011, Satoshi left us forever and vanished into the crypto ether, never to be seen again That’s led many to speculate on the real identity of Satoshi, with a plethora of candidates being put forward. These include the likes of Dorian Nakamoto, early Bitcoin contributor Hal Finney, cypherpunk Nick Szabo, crime boss Paul Le Roux and the cryptography genius Adam Back

💵 1 USDT Worth 1 USD? 💵

USDT is the most popular stablecoin in crypto and has the most trading pairs. It’s got a marketcap sitting at a whopping $46 billion! But what if 1 USDT wasn’t backed one 1 dollar? That would be a bit of a problem for crypto markets, right? Watch my vid to learn more about this potential black swan event

📢 Bitconnect 📢

Most of you have probably heard about the multi billion dollar ponzi scheme that was Bitconnect! This scheme claimed to have some magical crypto trading bot that generated returns of up to 40% a month. On top of that, investors were promised up to 0.25% daily interest based on how much they invested. There are many questions as to who was behind Bitconnect, did the promoters know and who was the real mastermind behind it all?

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