Axie Infinity: AXS EXPLOSION!! Still Any Potential??

Nov 26, 2021

Hey Guys,

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to get paid to play video games? Or how about getting paid in crypto to play these games?

Axie Infinity is the leader in this niche and by a wide margin. I believe they're the only ones who have managed to pull it off, and it always amazes me when I come back to cover the project.

It has a fairly humble history. Its founders met because of the Cryptokitties NFT game back in 2017 and created Axie Infinity one year later. They founded Sky Mavis to build the Axie Infinity universe, and Sky Mavis is now one of the most profitable companies in cryptocurrency. I suppose that's why they've raised over $150 million in the last year alone.

Axie Infinity's growth has been exponential since the launch of the Ronin side chain earlier this year, and there have been some seriously exciting updates since I last covered the project. There's too many to list here, but highlights include in the introduction of AXS staking, the release of the Katana DEX, 2 billion dollars in NFT sales, and more than 2 million users!

The price of AXS has consequently gone up by 10x and it looks like it still has some more room to grow. Unfortunately, the SLP token that's earned by Axie Infinity players has been down in the dumps, and that's because its supply has grown 6-fold over the last few months. There could be other reasons as to why SLP performance has been so poor and I also cover that in the vid.

Although I do have a few concerns about Axie Infinity, it's roadmap looks extremely promising. They've met every milestone this year so far, and the next one is a limited opening of Axie Infinity's metaverse called Lunacia.

In 2022, Lunacia will be open to the general public, and a user friendly SDK will be available to build in-game items and experiences.

It's safe to say that Axie Infinity has been busy, and this video barely scratches the surface.

I trust that you'll still enjoy it, though 😉


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