Bear Market Research: This is What You NEED To Be Doing!!

Jul 10, 2022

Chances are you've heard me and other crypto veterans say that this is the best time to go hunting for crypto gems in preparation for the next bull market.

I know researching cryptocurrencies can be difficult, and though we did a video about that a while back, how we do our research has evolved, and today I want to share this knowledge with you.

I think the biggest thing that's changed for is that we focus a lot more on what the founders of these crypto projects are saying. It sounds silly but you'd be surprised how much information is revealed through interviews. Besides the beginnings of a crypto project, you can almost always get a good sense of its future potential and any issues it could face.

Similarly, we've been very focused on being as thorough as we can when analysing the websites of crypto projects. We really want to understand which entities are behind them, whether they're well funded, transparent, and so on. Transparency is really where most crypto project fail, and also basic supply and demand type tokenomics.

I'm confident that this video will help you in your crypto bear market journey.

With some luck it'll help your portfolio find a new peak when the crypto bull market comes around.


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