BIGGEST Stock Bubble Ever Has Burst! The SPAC Collapse!!

Jan 03, 2023

Hey Guys,

It seems as if everyone wants to bash the crypto "bubble" and its subsequent bust. However, they seem to neglect to mention many of the biggest bubbles in the stock market. One of the biggest stock market trends over the past 3 years were the Special Purpose Acquisition Companies or SPACs.

These blank cheque companies raised hundreds of billions from retail investors selling them a dream of big-ticket riches on the next "hot stock". They were sponsored by some of the biggest names on Wall Street and saw these institutional titans making millions.

SPACs also saw companies list on the stock markets that were far from ready. Companies that had big promises of growth which has since evaporated.

In my video today, I will be taking you through the SPAC craze as well as the companies and sponsors that pushed it. I will also analyse what this could mean for the SPAC industry going forward. This includes both those companies that listed via SPAC as well as the SPACs that have yet to find a company.

Hope you guys enjoy it!


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