Bitcoin’s MASSIVE Risk!! Why ESG Threatens BTC!!

Oct 27, 2021

Hey Guys,

Here's a question for you: Have you ever heard of something called ESG before?

Me neither!

That was at least until I made that video on the massive crypto report by the Bank of America. ESG was the very first thing they mentioned, and it was actually one of the longest sections of the report. This got me wondering how deep the rabbit hole goes, and how important it is for crypto.

And man, is the ESG rabbit hole ever deep.

It began as most good ideas do - as a utopian vision by the former secretary general of the United Nations in 2004 (that's sarcasm by the way). This bloke called up the CEOs of the 50 largest companies and after some discussion, they gave their vision a name: Environmental, Social, Governance investing, or ESG investing.

Since that time, more than 4400 institutions have signed on to the "Principles for Responsible Investment" initiative with ESG at its core. It wasn't until January 2020 when institutions first started caring about ESG though.

What happened in January 2020 you might ask?

A letter titled 'A fundamental reshaping of finance' by none other than Blackrock CEO Larry Fink.

According to multi-millionaire institutional investor Kevin O'Leary, Larry's letters have reshaped global finance, and his ESG push is to blame for everything from the energy shortages we're seeing around the world to the massive crypto market crash back in May. The scariest part is that almost every single institutional investor is abiding by ESG, per Larry's decree.

This begs the question of what ESG means for cryptocurrency, and that's the question I answer today!

The stuff you learn along the way will blow your mind, and if you have a hard time believing just how influential this ESG stuff is, all the sources I used to make today's video will be readily available for you to fact check in the description, as always.

Get ready, because this one is going to blow your mind!


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