BlackRock is LOSING!! The Beginning Of The END!?

Nov 24, 2022

Hey Guys,

If you've been in crypto or finance for more than a few months, then you've probably heard the term ESG come up a few times. As it so happens, ESG is an investment ideology being pushed by asset managers like Blackrock and megabanks like Bank of America.

Not surprisingly, neither of these two institutions has been particularly popular these days. This is in large part because it's believed the ESG trend they've been forcing on the economy is one of the primary causes of the energy-driven inflation around the world.

That's why there's been a huge pushback against Blackrock and ESG over the last few months. It looks like this pushback is increasing alongside inflation, and it could force these asset managers and megabanks to adapt, or else they may unironically meet their end.

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