Cardano: ADA Potential In 2022?! My Take!!

Jan 06, 2022

Hey Guys,

As promised, my Cardano update video is live!

It was already two weeks in the planning as I realised over Christmas that it's been a while since I covered the project.

And, I had a feeling that the project had made a lot of progress that I haven't been paying as much attention to as I probably should have. Today's video is my attempt to catch up and bring you all up to speed.

Cardano has been busy over the last few months, especially the hundreds of projects building on Cardano. Many Cardano dApps are close to deploying, and a few of them have begun their testnets too. The largest of these dApps, Sundaeswap, should be launching any day now.

This is certainly good news, but I think it's fair to say that it's long overdue. ADA holders and ADA haters alike were expecting to see dozens of dApps after the Alonzo hard fork in September, and this isn't exactly what we got.

The disappointment around the launch of Cardano's smart contracts is a big part of why ADA's price hasn't been pretty since September, and there hasn't been any demand coming from Cardano dApps to offset the sell pressure of certain entities. Basic economics, really.

With all this said though, I think ADA is in for a very exciting year and ADA could recover some of those gains again. This ultimately depends on Cardano's upcoming dApps.

I'll be keeping a very close eye on those and I suggest you do the same!


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